Discover How to Use Mind Power and Attract Your Desires

What is Mind Power and How Should You Use it?

I'm Reona, I created this blog Mindset Dev to help people develop their own mind power, create a healthier, happier and abundant living that is truly extraordinary.

Since you're on my blog reading this, I assume you're generally interested in the power of mind, the law of attraction, or everything else related to such things. Right?

But you may be wondering... What is exactly mind power? How should I apply it to create my ideal life? I know many of us does, which is why I decided to cover that topic as my first content here.

If you're serious about mastering your mind and finally attracting your goals into this reality...

Stay here and read on to find out...

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Maybe, you've recently started out with the law of attraction but struggling to get results, or you're an expert looking to take your life to the next level with the power of your mind...

Either way, you should stop doing whatever you're doing, and focus on reading this article. It's gonna be a long one, but definitely worth your time :)

Pinky promise.


This article is ALL IN ONE Master Guide about Mind Power and the Consciousness. Also, this is my first content on this blog so I want this to be something special and practically helpful for EVERYONE, regardless he/she is a beginner or expert in the law of attraction or spirituality. I took more than a month to create this content. So I hope you'll enjoy reading this article as much as I've enjoyed writing! 

Now get a cup of coffee in your hand, sit down and relax.


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You're probably eager to learn how to use your mind power... but not now, son.

I'll teach you more about that later in this article so wait a little bit. Let me first explain the basic concepts of our minds.

(Well, you can skip some chapters, but I recommend you to read without skipping any to fully understand what I teach you here and implement these techniques into your life).

The basics are VERY important... especially if you're a newbie, you know.

1. What is Mind?

mind power

I know this may be an odd question to ask which sounds too obvious. However, in fact, many people don't have ANY clear definition of the mind.

Well... it's no surprising since there is actually no agreed upon definition of the mind, also it's difficult to describe/define something metaphysical.

1-1: So What is Exactly the Mind? 

The mind is your consciousness – your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your personality, and your interpretation of reality. It is EVERYTHING that is aware and interactive, it is the voice in your head.


Also, the conscious awareness that you can recognize as "yourself" (self-perception) is NOT everything, but a really small part of the entire consciousness of yours.

Think like this, your consciousness in this physical reality is like a drop in the ocean... Surprised?

You are way bigger than you think you are. 

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." - Rumi

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However, the large part of your consciousness is mostly beyond your awareness unless you're connected with your higher consciousness (aka higher mind or higher self, you name it). I'm explaining about this below in detail!

1-2: Consciousness Level

Basically, the human consciousness can be separated into three levels. Here's an image of the "Consciousness Level" down below which I've created for you.

There are actually more levels further, but I made it three so you can understand it easily, these three levels are very important because they are involved with your reality creation process.

Consciousness level

Let me explain about the each level of the consciousness step by step:

  • Higher mind - is the consciousness connected with the source of the Universe and your higher self in higher dimensions which is your true self as a soul, it's literally the core of who you are as a personality being.
  • Template reality - is the blueprint of the physical reality level. It forms the template, just like we form the blueprint to build the house. There is NO any kind of negative energy in this level and above.
  • Physical mind - is the consciousness that you recognize yourself (self-perception) in the physical reality. The mind has two parts which are the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, they govern your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions which are fundamental of your personality. We use this mind to experience the physical reality as a soul.


The subconscious mind is a part of the physical mind but exists slightly above the physical mind level, it's in between your physical mind and the template reality level.

Now you know what these minds are... so let's get into a little bit more detail about our minds.

2. How Each of the Minds Work Together with Our Brains 

In this chapter, I'll teach you everything about our mind and brain, that how they work together. Also, I'll talk about negativity a little bit later.

"Is this even important?" I can hear you :-)

I know many people are interested in the power of the brain, but in fact, most of them don't know how it actually works. For them, it isn't that important, like we don't care to know how the lightbulb works.

It's simply because we don't need to know how the lightbulb works to USE it. 

Press the switch, done. Easy as cake.

But this silly idea doesn't apply to our mind... You have to be understanding it (the system of mind) if you want to attract things more efficiently and faster. 

Understanding the system and relationships of the minds will help you have a better open line of communication with your higher mind and run these minds work efficiently where each mind is doing its job that was designed to do in the first place. 

You'll be able to run your minds more efficiently and effectively. Sounds great, isn't it?

2-1: Each of the Minds' System & Relationship

You may be wondering... What are these minds for? What's the hell they do? Let me answer you.

Putting simple:

  • The higher mind conceives
  • The physical brain receives
  • The physical mind perceives

That's how they function, each mind has its purpose and job.


According to Darryl Anka aka "Bashar" whom I've learned a lot from, explains that the physical mind is not designed to understand how things can/will happen. It is only designed to perceive how things happened, so it's unable for the physical mind to understand how things happen.

Your physical mind can't conceive, and is not capable of generating an idea, so any idea you ever had has never come from your physical mind. It can only perceive the result of the idea that was received by the brain from the concept of the higher mind.

Information such as inspirations, intuitions, and ideas are the creation of your higher mind, they coming down to your physical mind through the template reality level. 

This video by Bashar explains about the relationship between the higher mind and the physical mind very well (10:11):

2-2: Trust Your Higher Mind

As Bashar says, our higher mind (higher self) can understand how things can/will happen. This is why we usually hear the Secret and those spiritual teachers saying that "You don't have to worry about or focus on how it can happen, there is no way for you to know it."

Yes, only your higher mind and the universe know how it can happen for you.

So it's not your job to create a story of how it can happen – what you have to do is think and behave as if it's already taking place in your reality while leaving everything else to (trusting) the universe and enjoy this very moment!

This is a very powerful (also very famous) LoA technique to attract something you desire faster. People usually call this technique "Fake it till You make it", it's kinda long so let's call it "FTM" in this blog.

Alan Watts Quote

I bet some of you here already knew this technique from the Secret or some books... and perhaps, even tried it before but didn't get the results as expected.

Me either. Maybe, that's been you... which is likely the reason why you're reading this article right now. So what's the reason? What did we do wrong? You'll find out in a bit.

2-3: What's Stopping You?

You always tried to stay positive and behaved as if your desire was already taking place almost all the time... Perhaps you even tried to affirm every night. There's no way I could fail. You thought and kept going believing the reality would finally change....

*Fast-forward to the present*

Hey, look around. Are you living your wildest dream today? :-)

Well, nope. Damn it, you're still stuck in the same damn life. Nothing freaking changed, though.

It sucks! I exactly know how it feels like to be there (I was there too)...

Well, now think about it. Why did you fail to manifest your desires despite using the profound powerful attraction technique? It's not BS, and you know it.

But somehow, it didn't work for you... WHY is that?

I'm telling you that the issue is not the technique itself or the universe not giving a shit about you. They are doing their jobs constantly, regardless of who you are.

It didn't work for you, because you simply BLOCKED (didn't allow) it. That's it. 

"Reona, it doesn't even make sense! I asked for the Universe every day, I really want this to happen so bad... How the hell I blocked it!?" 

I know what you want to say but the truth is it really doesn't matter how much you want it. It's all about the mind. Of course, you physically or consciously didn't block something, but yes you did subconsciously. Got it?

In more specific, it's the negativity (limiting beliefs) in your subconscious mind.

I bet you were vaguely aware of it, weren't you?

This is the reason why the law of attraction doesn't work for most people, everyone has negativity and it's usually stronger than their energy of positivity since they're more focused on the negative side of life due to the belief systems programmed into their minds.


If your desired reality isn't taking place, but the undesired reality is, it means your mind is more focused on negativity rather than positivity. Remember that whether positive or negative, the STRONGER energy will always manifest into reality, so be careful what you focus on.

Now, the question is... are you on the right path to manifesting your desires or nah? I'll teach you how to find out in the next chapter.

2-4: How to Find out Whether Your Manifestation is on Your Way

The key to figuring out this, is to know the CONTENT of your emotion – being aware of what you're feeling RIGHT NOW. That's the first step.

However, many of us aren't simply aware or understanding the content of their own emotions. That's the problem, so practice to be more mindful of how you are feeling.

Typically, if you are focusing on the positivity and feeling good now, you're on your way, so keep it up my friend! But if it's the opposite, whoops.... you're in trouble.

In general, ANY kind of emotion can be separated into two parts:

  • Positive emotion: it has a high level of a frequency which is good for you. All of your desired realities are in high frequencies since they're based on energy of excitement, joy, love, and happiness.
  • Negative emotion: it has a low level of a frequency which is bad for you. The same thing could be said for your undesired reality, it's based on your bad feelings, thus, they have low frequencies. 

I've created an emotional scale for you so you can easily indentify your emotion.

Emotional Guidance Scale

Higher, better positive feelings. Lower, worse negative feelings. 


Love   Joy   Appreciation   Empowerment   Passion   Freedom

Inspired   Compassion   Happiness   Enthusiasm   Eagerness   Open-Hearted   

Optimism   Positive Expectation/Belief   Worthy   Confidence   Courage

Hopefulness   Acceptance   Faith   Encouraged   Contentment   Trust

Neutrality (Quiet Center of Stillness)

Lonely   Frustration   Blame   Doubtful   Disappointment   Pessimism

Anger   Discouragement   Revenge   Jealousy   Insecurity   Worry

Fear   Sadness   Anxiety   Abandoned   Ashamed  Unloved 

Despair   Depression   Grief   Hopelessness   Hatred   Powerless 

There's no judgment at "Stillness" level, it's completely neutral, so is your energy.


Yes I said, the content of your emotion matters but ultimately, what's more important is the context, HOW you're feeling that emotion. Being depressed wouldn't be necessary negetive if you define them as "positive" to you, (e.g.) that sometimes being depressed is necessary to move forward. By defining the depressive emotion, like this way, you're turning the negative energy into something positive, that's what you have to learn to be a master.

2-5: How Negativity Affects Us

Negative emotion and thoughts affect ourselves and everyone around us, it limits our potential to become something great and live a fulfilling, purposeful life. Negativity has a tangible effect on our health, too. Research has shown that people who cultivate negative energy experience more stress, more sickness, and less opportunity over the course of their lives than those who choose to live positively. 

Nobody wants negativity, we all want to be happy and positive, because our life is so much better. But, it's not that simple. Right?

Let me clear to you, it's impossible to completely eliminate negativity.

Don't be sad! It can't be eliminated completely, however, there's always a way. You can invalid the negativity by learning how to heal it, which I'm teaching you more detail in this article.

You know what?

Those who are living their life happily are well understanding their own negativity and know how to handle their emotions better, that's why they can stay happy. If you think positive people never feel negative or depressed, that's a BS.

We feel it as much as you do, but we just do NOT let it affect us. 


To handle your negative emotion, you first need to understand your our negativity as much as you know your best friend. Knowing the origin of its negative emotion/thought can help you find some good hints for healing it.

I'll teach you how in a bit, so keep on reading...

2-6: Where Negativity Comes From

As I explained in 2-1, the higher mind generates ideas and concepts, it also gives you inspiration, intuition, passion and wisdom. If that's the case (it is), it's very normal for us to assume that negativity is also coming from the higher mind, isn't it?

But it's not true.

Negativity is Coming From Your Personality (aka Ego)

There's no negative energy in the template reality level and above (as I stated in 1-2), which means the higher mind can't be the source of your negativity. The negativity is the creation of the physical mind (your ego part) and only existing in low vibrational frequencies.

Remember the fundamental of the universe is nothing but the "unconditional love", it is the source of everything including your soul. It's the highest vibrational frequency.

Love is the core of yourself and every energy being, there is NO way that negativity could exist in the pure unconditional love energy level.

2-7: How Negativity Is Produced

Negativity gets generated for the first time when your physical mind perceives an idea in a negative way.

Watch this short video by my mentor, Bashar explains it perfectly (03:47).

As he explains, it's simply a matter of HOW you accept/perceive ideas. Even the idea that seems "negative", isn't negative in the first place unless you define it so, it's literally at ground zero, which means the idea is completely neutral and doesn't contain any kind of meaning in the first place.

You are the one who gives a meaning to its neutral idea by defining that in your way.


Bashar says, you choose to define it, but the truth is most of the time, your mind AUTOMATICALLY defines things in constant based on the beliefs stored in your subconscious mind. Hence, it may not look like a choice for most of us. However in the universal perspectives, yes it's merely a choice whether your physical mind agrees with it or not.

God doesn't judge anyone... but YOU do

In other words, you are defining in your own way. This is why there are so many various perspectives and opinions for a fact, or truth – which is what's making each one of us unique and different being!


Life is all about perspectives and how you choose to see everything around you. Every idea and concept are literally EQUAL in the first place, the only difference is its content itself and how you accept it.

The higher mind doesn't judge things unlike the physical mind, there is no "this is bad" or "this is good" in the higher consciousness level. 

"Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it." - T. Harv Eker

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Thus, negativity is result of your mind: generated by perceiving things in a negative way. 

I hope you're following me so far :-)

I understand that some people, especially who are new to these ideas would likely find them difficult to understand so let me sum it up for you!

2-8: Conclusion on the Mind System

Let's quick review what we've learned in this chapter 2.

Our higher mind is the source of ideas, inspirations, intuition, knowledge, and passion/calling, it's also capable of understanding how things are going to happen. And your brain serves a function as a complex antenna that can receive the consciousness information (ideas) and translate it in a way your physical mind can perceive.

Believe it or not, your higher mind always knows what's the BEST for you, and always trying to help you achieve goals by sending you inspirations, imaginations, ideas, intuitions and etc. That's why you should listen to the voice of your soul, and that's what every super achiever in the world doing – they believe in themselves.

Steve Jobs follow your heart

However, if your physical mind is full of negativity, it'll automatically try to perceive experiences and information in a negative way.

Therefore, by the time you would proceed to understand the idea in personality level, it could possibly be a far different meaning compared to its first original so be careful where you put your trust on, the voice is either from your ego or soul.


You may be having a hard time to choose which voice you should believe in... Of course, you should listen to your soul. Understand that the ego will only bring you pains in the end. The voice from soul always contains the highest excitement and love, everything else (that doesn't contain them) is coming from ego.

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts & Situations

Because what you think daily and feel become your words and action, and they become your reality.

Reality Creation Diagram

Most people are generally unconscious of this process, so even if it's happening, they won't know what the hell is going on in their mind. Your thoughts and emotion are mostly on autopilot...

Finally, throughout this chapter 2, I taught you basically everything about the mind and negativity (which you should know), so you can have more control over the mind process by being consciously aware. You can increase the degree of control by practicing it daily − consciously choosing your thoughts and emotion. 

If you want an in-depth How-To Tutorial to overcome your negative thinking, read this article. It's full of information you need! 

That's pretty much everything for this part. Now I'm gonna share with you about mind power which we are all curious about, right? :-) 

3. What is Exactly Mind Power?

You are influencing the environment around and perfectly creating your reality by using your mind power. I'm sure you already understand that well. But what is exactly the (mind) power which creates everything?

It is the energy of your consciousness, that creates everything.

I'm just calling it "mind power" in my blog but whatever the name is, it's not that important anyway. 

So now the question... what is consciousness made out of?

3-1: The Fundamental of the Consciousness

Your consciousness is made up of the pure cosmic energy. The statement of energy is changing every moment responding to your behaviors, words, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs of the present. You remember this, not the past energy or future... It's responding to the energy that's given off right NOW.


Everything is energy − if your consciousness changes, of course, your energy statement has to change as well and it will exactly be reflected into your reality.

The experience you call "physical reality" is nothing but a mirror reflecting your consciousness. Everything you've had experienced is simply a result of your given energy in the past. 


Change in your mind means, change in energy statement, and then reality, the physical reality is a glass mirror that reflects your consciousness. It's important to learn how to use your mind in order to control energy, to attract what you exactly desire. So, mastering your mind will help you direct your own life as you prefer.

"If you truly want to change your life, you must first be willing to change your mind." - Donald Altman

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3-2: You Attract WHAT You Are

People who are new to the Law of Attraction usually misunderstand that it would attract what they want.

Well... you know that's not true.

In fact, you don't merely attract what you hope or wish for, but what you are.

Yup, your energy statement of the present determines what you will attract into your life in the future, not your hopes or wishes. Keep this in your head.

The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful, the world will prove to be loving and friendly and helpful in return. The world is what you are.Thomas Dreier

3-3: What is Energy?

In science, "energy" is a matter that cannot be created or destroyed, but it can change into form, move through form, and out of form. This is what we've learned in school, right? It's indeed a fact, however, it's only a part of the whole truth about energy.


Quantum physics has stepped further into revealing the startling secret of energy - that nothing is actually solid, but everything is energy. Arjun from Collective Evolution covered this topic very well, so I would recommend you to read his article if you simply want to know more about energy from a scientific aspect. There are enough proofs that would back up what I'm explaining here.

Energy is the source of everything and filling the entire universe and dimension. Every creation has energy with its unique specific frequency (vibration).

Your energy is constantly vibrating at different speeds causing different frequencies.

Even the Earth's most intelligent brain knew the truth since a very long time ago!

3-4: What Does Enegery Do?

Understanding the nature of energy is important to master the law of attraction and attract what you exactly want. You may already know this but let's recap.

Energy has a nature of resonating with the same/similar vibration (frequency) and attract them. This is probably the most known nature about energy.

I bet you usually hear such sayings below:

  • You attract similar people in your life
  • Happiness attracts more happiness
  • Negative thoughts attract negative situations

Like these, you can see that a certain energy attracts the similar vibration. So, things such as the law of attraction, the law of vibration, affirmation and etc are all based on this simple law of energy. It's one of the universal laws.

You are perfectly creating your reality by using your energy!

Be aware of your own power within and take it back to you.

There is only the understanding of the thing that needs to be taught to every child on the planet, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality desired, without having to hurt yourself, or anyone else, to get it. That's how powerful you are. − Bashar

Congrats buddy! You've done reading 60% of this long ass article... Just a little bit more, so go for it.

In the next chapter, I'm gonna expose the secret attraction technique (a little bit) which I use daily to manifest things... I'll show you why it's that powerful. 

4. Which Mind is More Powerful, Conscious or Subconscious?

Before going into detail about our minds, I want to give you a short brief of my extremely powerful manifestation technique called the "Gratus Animus Manifestation". Yup, I named it... and I know I'm horrible at naming things :-)

But hey, this could help you attract your desires very fast, it's that powerful. 

I've always had fantastic results with this technique (including my friends) so it generally has to work for you as well... Though, of course, I can't guarantee that it will 100% work for you, since whatever the technique is all about, it's a matter of adjusting your own energy in the end, you know that.

But you will surely see some positive changes in life by exactly following my instructions (which I would teach you later in this article).

Anyways, here's the brief of my technique:

The Gratus Animus Manifestation

This powerful manifestation technique is a combination of affirmation and a few famous law of attraction techniques (which I'll be revealing later). It also heavily focuses on reprogramming the subconscious mind and controlling emotion which will allow you to attract what you exactly desire effortlessly and faster, compared to the other mental improvement techniques that only use the conscious mind, like visualization method and etc.

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You suck at visualizing?

Don't worry, neither do I!

My technique doesn't require any great visualization skill, but if you are good at it, it's indeed better than not at all :)


While the basic teachings of the infamous book, the Secret tends to be more focused on using *thoughts* rather than emotion. However, according to my own experience and study, I came to a realization that what you FEEL (emotions) have a bigger impact to creating reality than what you merely THINK of (thoughts).

Also, a lot of spiritual leaders are saying the same thing. In terms of energy physics, emotions are more powerful than rational thoughts.

4-1: Emotion is a Key to Breakthrough Any Reality

However, when a thought is infused with a strong emotion, it suddenly becomes way more powerful.

I'm sure you've probably seen this truth in your life many times.

Have you ever been really upset, angry, or anxious about something where you couldn't stop focusing on it? 

And the more you focused on it, the stronger your negative emotions got?

And the stronger your negative emotions got, the worse the situation got?

As a result, you keep sending a strong "signal" of scarcity, fear, anxiety, and anger to the universe, so the law of attraction just keeps bringing you more and more of those negative circumstances to keep those bad feelings going strong.

It's a negative cycle which so many people fall, you need to be mindful/conscious of your thoughts if you don't want to fall for it.

The good news is that you can use this creative emotional power in GOOD ways... once you know HOW. And your subconscious mind holds the key to controlling that creative emotional power.


You can use your conscious mind to control your emotion and thoughts as well, however, it's usually not powerful enough to change your thought pattern completely (while your subconscious mind is very powerful), but with the conscious mind, it's absolutely easier to control than subconscious mind. It's also difficult to stay consciously focused, that's why many people would mostly revert back to their negative pattern after a day of being enlightened/clear about it.

Having said that, both of the minds have its advantages and disadvantages... So after all, which mind should we work on?

No more confusion, my friend!

Here's the comparison​ of the both minds:

Which is Better, Subconscious or Conscious Mind?


  • Difficult to control/ change - what's programmed in the subconscious mind.
  • Very strong attraction force - faster to manifest
  • Unecessary to be conscious all the time effortlessly attracting things on autopilot
  • Having peace within - never struggling again with your own negativity once it's rewired to a positive state


  • Easy to control/change - what's programmed in the conscious mind.
  • Weak attraction force - slower to manifest
  • Necessary to stay conscious all the time - which is very exhausting
  • Having conflicts within - constantly have to deal with doubts and negative emotion that come up

By looking at the comparison above, if you are smart, I bet you already understand why your subconscious mind should be the one to work on rather than the conscious mind.

For the long-term, working on the subconscious mindset is more efficient and effective if you want to be able to manifest things with your will. However, it's very difficult to change your subconscious patterns, and it takes some time while the conscious mind can get it instantly by your will.

But it's still lacking a decisive point... Yes, the subconscious mind is the one you should work on, but there's a greater (more important) reason besides the ones above. 

4-2: Subconscious Mindset is the Fundamental of Your Personality & Reality 

Why should the subconscious mind REALLY deserve your attention (besides the reasons in the list)?

That's a good question.

There is a crucial reason why it's a big deal for you and everyone else.

Your Life is the Creation of Your Subconscious Mind

That's it. So it's very rational that we should work on the subconscious mind rather than the conscious.

Still skeptical of how the subconscious mind is running/creating your life?

Well then, look at your day, how much are you conscious of what you are doing and thinking during the day?

An average person makes decisions about...

35000 times per day

An average person experiences thoughts about...

70000 times per day


You are pretty much unconscious all the time, so what you still remember is only a few percentage of the thoughts.

Now... ask yourself these questions.

What's making you take breathe every moment without ever intending to do it?

What's making your blood flow through your veins with the perfect amount of pressure to keep you alive?

What's making your heartbeat at this very moment, are you consciously commanding your heart to beat?

What's maintaining​ your body core temperature to the perfect degree to keep you alive?

What's controlling your 60 trillion cells to keep you alive every single day and night without ever resting? 

WHAT makes them all possible?

Yes, it's your subconscious mind!

It's literally the powerhouse to who we are. But you know what?

4-3: Subconscious Mind Ain't Perfect

It looks like your subconscious mind is ruling the most majority of your reality, which is the truth. He sounds like he's capable of doing anything... but he ain't perfect.

There is ONE thing that your subconscious mind can't do.

This thing can help you attract good things into your life or can absolutely demolish your health. What is the one thing the subconscious mind can't do?

It can't distinguish between a real event and something what you merely think about. That's it.

We can confirm this in our daily real life very often. For example...

What happens when you think about your crush?

Your heart starts beating fast, even though that person isn't around but in your mind.

What happens when you have a nightmare?

You wake up your heart pounding and sweating and you are beyond anxious. 

The nightmare existed in your mind, it's obvious that you weren't in any real danger at all, but your mind didn't know that. You physiologically reacted as if the nightmare actually taking place in reality.

You can see this clearly demonstrated physically in our reality, in cases of what doctors call "Multiple personality disorder".

Documented Cases:

There have been documented cases from doctors in which they have seen a personality have cancer, but as soon as they shift to another personality, they no longer have it. There have also been cases in which a personality may be having allergic reactions but the other personality does not. There are even cases of one personality having a different eye color than the other personality. If you want to know more about these things, just Google it, you will find a lot of proofs and cases of how MPD affects our physical body.

They are LITERALLY different people with different personality mindsets (vibrations, thus realities). Your mindset (statement of the consciousness) is creating everything. 

4-4: Subconscious Mind Rules Your Reality

Although, a foremost field biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton backs up the fact above from a scientific aspect. His study says that our genes are in fact controlled and manipulated by how our minds perceive and interpret our environment. It was formerly believed by science that it is our genes themselves which dictate our traits – that our genes form who and how we are.

And his theory can prove these following cases above physically and medically. Watch the video below, it helps you understand the theory I'm talking about.

Your mind and body are deeply linked to each other. Whatever you hold predominately in your subconscious mind becomes a reality

I can tell you that most people are living without paying attention to what they are thinking or doing, they unconsciously choose what they are going to do. They do it without intention, without purpose, without awareness. 

This may surprise you... but this is how much you're actually making decisions consciously in life:

How much are you consciously making decisions in life?

(this is how much conscious you are)

5 %
95 %

Neuroscientists show that most of our decisions, actions, emotions, thought patterns, and behavior depend on the 95% of brain activity that is beyond our conscious awareness, which means that 95 – 99% of our life comes from the programmings in our subconscious mind − we are only conscious 5% part of our life.

I think this is one of the main reasons that many people feel lost in their life that it's something out of control.

No surprising, if we are 95% unconscious of our life... 

Iceberg Consciousness Scale 

This could be explained better by using an iceberg metaphor. Imagine there is an iceberg floating in the sea – what you can notice is only the tip of the iceberg above the surface (conscious awareness), while the largest and most powerful part, remains unseen below the surface just like your subconscious mind.

Iceberge Consciousness scale

For example, you are on a diet and you know snacks aren't good and you don't want to eat them, but what if your subconscious mind wanted them?


It's very easy to guess which is going to win. Right?

Yes, of course, your subconscious mind wins. No wonder why many people can't resist their mind... You need a very strong willpower to resist against your subconscious mind.

But, surprisingly, 5% they say is for the people with more awareness, and, in generalmany people operate at around just 1 - 3% consciousness.

ONLY 1%!? 

Yes, I know what you want to say.

But in fact, even a few percent of awareness difference could still make a huge, huge difference in your life.


Dr. Lipton also states that the unconscious mind operates at 40 million bits of data per second, while the conscious mind processes at only 40 bits per second. So, the subconscious mind is obviously way more powerful than the conscious mind, and it is the subconscious part which shapes how we live our life.

Having said this... even a kid can clearly understand how the subconscious mind rules our reality, and why it's very important to work on the subconscious mindset (instead of the conscious) in order to change our life. 

No question about it.

4-5: How to Use Your Subconscious Mind to Attract Desires 

That's something we all want to know, right?

At first, let me be clear to you, there is NO shortcut for changing your subconscious mind. In fact, it really requires a lot of dedication and time to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Depending on your wish, however, if you are expecting to get a result over a few days or weeks, this is NOT for you.

Not gonna lie. Rewiring your subconscious mind is a very difficult thing until you practice enough, I bet this sounds very familiar if you've ever tried. But it's really worth your effort and time since there are enough benefits for you to master it. 


The greatest thing about changing your subconscious mindset is, once you've reprogrammed your mind to an ideal positive state. You'll have an access to the unlimited abundance of the universe, and can attract whatever you want much faster and effortlessly compared to the state where your subconscious mind is negative.

Benefits for Mastering the Subconscious Mind


  • No need of take care anything, since it's on autopilot
  • Effortlessly manifest what you desire MUCH faster
  • Never having to struggle with your own negativity once you rewired your mind for positivity


  • Takes days, weeks, or months to rewire subconscious beliefs
  • Requires time, effort and strong dedication to rewire subconscious beliefs

Now I'm gonna finally share with you how to use your mind power.

Forgive me for taking very long, I wanted to give you very informative knowledge that would help you so you can make the best of what I'm about to share with you ;)

5. How to Heal Your Negativity & Unlock Your Mind's Full Potential 

Let's say your goal is to be positive and have a healthy body and live without worrying anything... and you're trying so hard to make it happen by imagining yourself being positive and healthy.

You're feeling a sense of relief and elation on getting the clarity, but then you suddenly get negative emotions and thoughts coming up like "I could never have a good life", "I don't deserve such life" and you immediately go back to your negative thinking as you always used to...

Does this sounds familiar to you?

You aren't alone. That's the problem for most people...

This is why so many people fail to attract what they want, and end up attracting a reality they don't prefer. The thing is that your conscious mind has gained the new positive understanding, but your subconscious mind is yet to get programmed in it – it still has strong neural pathways associated with the old beliefs, conditioning and thought pattern.


You're programmed to automatically focus on the belief systems in your subconscious mind, so you're unconsciously/consciously feeding your attention to the old negative patterns more than you focus on the new positivity belief. Of course, this behavior of feeling bad about yourself just reinforces the old patterns of negativity.

Whether positive or negative, what you most strongly believe as true always becomes a reality.

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5-1: How to Get Out of Negative Thinking Pattern

Featured Course: Learn How to Clear Negative Limiting Beliefs & Manifest Your Heart's Desires in 8 Days (Includes free abundance meditation audios)

You need to get out of this negative cycle and learn how to control your own emotion to attract what you want more efficiently and smoothly. Learning how to bring down the past pattern will help you create your ideal life.

Your negative program (belief) can be removed by taking these several practical steps below:

  1. Be aware of your negative pattern.
  2. Find out which belief is causing these negative emotions and thoughts, then acknowledge the negative pattern.
  3. Decide whether you want to keep or change it.
  4. If you want to change it, define your new ideal positive belief and commit to it.
  5. Be patient and persistent in practicing the new positive pattern until it becomes an autoresponse. This means choosing the positive pattern each time the old negative pattern appears. 


When you change your beliefs about any particular reality or issue, you also change how you feel about that particular reality/issue.

5-2: How Beliefs Are Generated 

Let's see your thought as a small seed, and your attention as water as well as nutrition. You plant a seed (thought) in your mind and it grows stronger and bigger as you give more attention (thinking and feeling about) to it for days, weeks and months. That's how a thought becomes a belief. 

every thought is a seed

The more attention you give, the stronger the belief becomes.

This is how core beliefs are generated and programmed into your subconscious mind which will be the cause for your addictive thinking. If you are addicted to a positive thinking, everything is great but if it was negative, it could be harmful and demolish your health. 

Therefore, be more conscious of what you are thinking, and try to choose where you give attention to. Also, don't try to stop the flow of thoughts, it only gets worse if you do.  

I'll teach you how to control your thoughts in 5-3. So keep on reading!

How You Are Creating Your Reality

  1. Your beliefs determine the reality and perception about it.
  2. You then constantly automatically  (usually unconsciously) intercept your perception of reality.
  3. You then emotionally react to your interception of that reality.
  4. You then have thoughts about this reality.
  5. Then, based on your emotions and thoughts, you take action
  6. By taking actions, you create your own reality.

This is the image of the process showing how your belief becomes a reality. The reality you are currently experiencing is simply a result of your thought, emotion, and action in the past. 

5-3: How to Control Emotion & Heal Negativity (a Step-By-Step Tutorial) 

I'm going to explain these following steps for reprogramming your mind in more detail so that you can practically use them in daily life. Here's the secret to dissolving your negative emotions...

Step 1. Be conscious of your negative pattern

Being aware of your negative pattern is the first step for changing it. If you are unconscious of what exactly these feelings are, you could never change them.


The negative pattern is your addictive thinking mind, which replays over and over until you let it go or change it.

How could you change something you don't even know?

You can't.

So face yourself and get to know what kind of emotion you have and why it keeps coming up to you over and over... There's certainly a reason for that emotion.

Step 2. Find out the cause

Everything happens for a reason, so does your emotion. As the image above states, your emotion is coming from a specific belief (about it) in your subconscious mind.

There is a belief behind each emotion. So the same emotion will keep coming up over and over as long as you don't change the belief itself − you can change the way you feel with your conscious power, but it's only a temporary solution. 

Once you're aware of the negative pattern, please know WHY it keeps coming up.


There is a powerful mantra for revealing your negative belief: "What would I have to believe, in order to end up feeling this way?" Ask yourself this until you find a core belief causing that negative emotion and thoughts about it.

Step 3. Decide it for yourself

Could find the belief causing the negativity? 

Good! It's now time for you to decide whether you want to keep having the belief or not anymore. 

Do you like the feeling or not? If not, drop it. If you like it, keep it. Simple as that!

Know that it's not necessarily to keep having something that makes you feel heavy and sad. Relax, you can let it go.

Step 4. Rewire your negative mind

If you want to change the negative belief, then you need to remove it and rewire it with a new positive belief that makes you feel good. 


For example, if there was a belief of "I don't deserve to be happy" which is probably blocking you from being happy, then change it to "I deserve to be happy because that's my birthright". That's how you turn your negative belief into a positive one.

So how would you rewire a belief?

Changing your focus is the key. You may feel a little hard in the beginning, but not so much once you get used to it.

If you catch yourself having a negative feeling or thought, you need to neutralize it by relaxing your focus. And you can do it by observing your thoughts and emotion.

How to Observe Your Thoughts & Emotion

Observing your mind means detaching yourself from these negative emotions and thoughts, and witness them without responding to them at all. Imagine as if you are sitting in a movie theater and just witnessing what's on the screen (which are your emotions and thoughts). You can neutralize any emotion and thought by this powerful technique.


This is a REALLY powerful technique when combined with a vivid imagination. You will find another you (true self) who's simply observing your own thoughts and emotions without feeling anything (neutral state whereas no judgement exists) towards them but deeply relaxed and centralized. This is the ultimate peace.

This is how you handle negativity, any thought could never sustain itself without feeding your "attention" to it.

It's all about changing your focus, from the negative thought to the positive one. If you're trying to escape, ignore or push these negative emotion away, you're probably aware that it only gets worse. 

It's the time for you to stop it.​ Instead, turn your negativity into positivity.

That's the skill you need, rather than trying to control your emotion!

Thoughts are just thoughts, it doesn't have any strong power to attract something. Neither does your emotion unless you FOCUS on it.

You are feeling anxiety, worry, nervousness, jealousy, depressed, it's simply because you are paying attention to these kinds of thoughts unconsciously or consciously.


Try to be more aware of your thoughts. Don't resist them − let them flow freely without stopping the flow by picking up something bad or heavy. Pick up only when you want to experience that thought, and it has to be something GOOD for you.

Step 5. Practice it over and over

In order to reprogram the old negative belief into the positive one, you must commit to the new belief (idea) persistently, and focus and choose it regardless the old negative pattern arises, this is very important. 

It's not easy to change old long-established beliefs, but it's possible to do it: you can change it by consciously choosing to think and feel the new positive pattern over and over. By doing this, you're creating/reinforcing a new neural pathway for that belief and of course, this takes time.

Let yourself immerse in the positive pattern until it becomes your automatic thinking and response.


You are addicted to the current negative pattern, only because you were doing the exact same process which was mentioned above, the only difference was that you were not conscious and unconsciously feeding your attention to it numerous times whenever it used to arise.

BE addictive to your positive thinking and TAKE actions upon them, you will be amazed at what you can really accomplish!

Once you learned how to deal with negativity, you can attract what you desire more easily and faster.

You are now ready to go to the final step... Wooohooo!

6. How to Attract Desires & Live Your Life to Its Fullest (Last Chapter)

girls laugh

Congratulations buddy. You've made it! The end of this long ass article (almost eBook!) is close :-)

So go for it, a little bit more.

We've taken a lot of time till here... it's because learning how to heal negativity is more than necessary for you to attract your desires. That's why I took the time and educated you step-by-step. See?

If you still haven't read it, go back and read it until you understand these ideas enough to actually implement into your life.

Now... let me teach you how to apply my "Gratus Animus Manifestation" to your Reality Creation. Finally.

I had enough success with my technique. Also, I taught it to my best friends and they are getting positive results as well, so it has to work for you too. 

However, there are many other methods out there, but most of them are lacking practical advise or steps, and only talking about how it happened for them. It's not practical at all. Right?

There is a single rule for attracting your desire into a reality – you need to become a vibrational match for your desire.

The point is, no matter how good the technique may be, if you aren't matching to the vibration of your desired reality, then you can't have it. Period.

The only difference between each method is simply HOW you would "approach" to the goal (destination), which is very important more than you are thinking.

6-1: So What is Gratus Animus Manifestation Technique All About?

This is the basic structure of my technique, I'll teach you how to apply these in 6-2. In here, learn what Gratus Animus Manifestation is.

  • Take at least 5 minutes a day to affirm yourself (no need to speak aloud, but it's more effective when you speak aloud looking at the mirror).
  • Take 15 - 20 minutes a day for being grateful about things in your life (it's the most important part of this technique... "Gratus Animus" is a latin word for "Gratitude" in English. It makes sense now, eh?)
  • Behave as if your desire is already occurring in your life (even if it's not happening).

This is how I roll. It works like a charm most of the time!

As you can see, this is made up of the three popular law of attraction techniques, and they become EXTREMELY powerful when combined together.

I basically did them all in the beginning, but to be honest, I no longer take much time for affirmation nor acting since I'm a lazy dude. Instead, I particularly focus on feeling gratitude, yet the results have been fantastic for me.

Indeed, it could be more powerful and effective when you use the three methods together daily. But even with a little dedication, it still works for me... is I think it's because I'm already good at controlling my emotion and handling negativity (since positivity is ingrained my subconscious mind).

Once you reprogrammed your mind to positive, everything will become easier for you. That's why I've first taught you about the mind and how to heal your negativity with the very actionable steps. I hope it was worth it for you. 


If you are a newbie, make sure to implement and do EACH method every day to develop a positive mindset and get the best performance. It takes a lot of time and effort, but you know it's really worth it!

6-2: How to Match a Desired Vibration with the Gratus Animus Manifestation Technique

Now let's get down to the details of this powerful technique. 

Step 1. Use affirmation to rewire your mind

Affirmation is definitely a powerful tool to rewire your mind by doing it daily, it could be used for healing your negativity as well. 

There are very important rules to remember before making your own affirmations and I've created a beautiful PDF image with instructions in it. 

Please click on one of the options below to see and download "Affirmation Rules PDF":


Affirmation tips



Most importantly, it requires repetition. You can choose to either repeat the statements to yourself as often as possible during the day, writing them down or even record it and listen to them while you are driving or sleeping. 

​Do affirmation as often as possible during the day. That's the key to changing your mind and attracting your desires faster.

Step 2. Act as if you already have what you want

I call it FTM! (fake it until you make it).

This is probably one of the most famous and powerful technique to attract something faster. You can usually find this in many LoA books.  

Wonder how "behaving as if you already have something you want" has a relation with attracting something?

Let me explain it to you.

Why is this powerful?

Acting as if you already have something you want means - you literally think, feel, speak, imagine, and act as if you already have it and you must trust that you already achieved it (even if you don't have it yet).


When you're doing them, your energy statement becomes exactly the same as the vibration of your desired reality. At that moment, you're exactly matching to that desired vibration. This is a really powerful way to attract things faster. Remember that energy resonates with a same/similar vibration of the energy and would attract that.

You Won't Get What You Hope for, But What You Are

The problem is that you must keep staying in that vibration as long as possible. It takes some time until it manifests into your reality or you can see some changes. There is a time lag in this physical reality while in higher dimensions what you think occurs instantly.

How fast it occurs depends on (the degree of your vibration) how much you can let yourself believe that you already have it. It may take only a few days, or week, or month or even years until you can see some results. It's entirely up to you. This could be said for everything because it's a matter of adjusting energy − if it doesn't happen, you are simply NOT matching.

There's NO exception.

Ensure yourself to always behave as if you already have it and stay in that vibration, this will truly change your energy statement.

You gotta truly trust yourself, not your doubt.

Step 3. Show gratitude to the universe

"Gratitude" is one of the highest positive emotions like love, it's a REALLY powerful attraction force.

But I see it's usually underrated. Many people don't know the power of gratitude.

Gratitude raises your vibration and brings you into alignment with the higher self, it can also increase your happiness level in EVERY aspect of your life. 

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and bigger than your current situation. − Brian Tracey

You know what?

It's not happiness that brings us gratitude. It's gratitude that brings us happiness.

Remember no matter how bad your life may be, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. That's it!

If you want a life that you love, then you've got to love your life, and being thankful for it first.

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6-2: The Paradox Of Gratitude

This is a paradox, being grateful is also a powerful statement that says "I have it" to the universe that's why you appreciate. Appreciate as if you already have it (because you know you are about to receive it) and the universe will surprise you with unexpected gifts. 

However, if you are not trusting the universe deep inside, you'll highly end up attracting what you don't prefer after all.

Like I said earlier, the universe will always manifest what you most strongly believe as "true" regardless whether you are conscious of it or not.


Even if you didn't get exactly what you wanted, don't be sad but appreciate what you have received because the universe always knows what's the best for you and giving what you need in God's perfect time. Trust the universe.

Don't forget to be grateful for the smallest of things, because gratitude for them can make your life even greater than it already is.


Every night before you go to bed, I recommend you to take 15 - 20 minutes for remembering back or writing down the things you are happy and grateful about − a healthy lunch, a kind word from your friend, a beautiful sunset, a parking space, a date with your partner, anything else good you can think of, and include things you want to attract into life.  

Now's the Time to Stop Trying & Start Doing!

This is your turn.

If you're looking to just "try" what I shared with you, then I can already tell that you would fail, because the frequency of "trying" shows you're actually NOT trusting it while making efforts to make it happen.

You try... because you're believing that you may fail in deep inside. And guess what? Of course, the universe is listening to you, what kind of energy you're giving off.

So if you want to make it happen, there is no "try" but only "do" it. Is it clear, my young padawan?

Even if you don't want to listen to me, you gotta listen to Master Yoda.

Well, by now I've taught you everything on how to turn your desire into a reality. Whether you sit around doing nothing after all or actually start doing them and make your dream come true. It's all up to you now.

You've Got to Trust YOURSELF!

If you want to change your life... if you want to turn your dream into a reality... if you want to be happy... You MUST start doing and believe in yourself!

If you REALLY act upon what I've written in this Master Guide, and commit to them for the next 30 days, there is NO way that nothing would change. I promise that you will see some positive changes in your life. 

30 days are actually enough to see positive results if you really commit to it. 

Also, it's not necessary to stick to my ways, you can always tweak them in a way that suits you better and it's the best way for you. That's what I did too.

Once again, you've got to trust yourself and start doing if you want it. Your life will change in a good way for sure, and I know you're hoping that more than anyone else, otherwise you wouldn't be reading till here. Right?

If you really believe in your possibility, there's nothing impossible. You can have, do or be anything you want. Trust yourself and the universe, my friend.

Wrapping It Up

I tried to explain these systems and ideas as simple as possible since I think many people who're reading this post are new to these mentioned ideas and theories. I'm glad if this post has opened your eyes to new perspectives and helped you understand deep aspects of your mind and consciousness even a little bit.

I took almost a month to put everything together and produce this content for you. I was also busy with my life, but I know it was totally worth it, for not only others but myself too.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this content, thank you very much for taking the time and read it until the end!

P.S. As you can see, my native language isn't English, so I apology if you had trouble understanding due to my typos or bad grammar. Forgive me, I'm still studying! (Let me know in the comments if you found any mistake).

What are you looking to attract?

Now I've taught you everything you need to know to attract your desires in this super master guide and you've made it here. Congratulations again, buddy! 

Before you leave... I have a question I want you to think.

What are you now looking to attract, or what do you want to achieve or become in 2018? 

Claim your desire or issues that you're hoping to resolve this year. Let me know in the comments below, I'm reading every comment and maybe I can help! :)

(If you have any questions regarding my content, tips on the law of attraction, or anything else, just let me know in the comments! I'm happy to help you.)

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    They are calling God “ALL That IS”. There is NOTHING outside of creation.

    What we call “God” is ALL that IS. It is you, it is your room, it is the sky, it is the planet, it is the starts, literally EVERYTHING is made of God, there’s nothing else to make anything from. The ONE is ALL. The ALL is the ONE.

    It can be ALL that IS because it is everything, if it was lacking you or something else, it CANNOT be GOD aka “ALL that IS”. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. Without exception, every plant, every animal, every human, everything is God, we are ALL part of this greatest divine energy called ALL that IS.

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    Some people are even justifying the rape and murder under the name of their God, like ISIS and some terrorists. People in the power are afraid of losing the power over us, they know religion is a very efficient tool to manipulate people, they’ve been doing it for thousand years on this planet.

    We MUST wake up and seek for the truth… and the day when everyone understands this universal truth come, belief systems like religion will be unnecessary, and we can have TRUE PEACE on this planet for the very first time.

    Lastly, there’s one thing I want you to keep in mind… We are all the ONE family under the name of God, that’s all we have to remember and pass to our children.

Holly - October 26, 2015 Reply

Is the subconscious mind exposed when people use psychedelic drugs?

    Reona - October 27, 2015 Reply

    Hey Holly, it’s a good question :) People usually come to me for asking about relations between drugs and spirituality. I ALWAYS tell them to avoid using any kind of drugs because they are poison to your body and your energy field. It only lowers your vibration and keep you in it.

    Marijuana weed can destroy parts of your brain, and you can’t have a clear thinking after that. Also weed opens astral channels and if you are not wise enough for that, there will be negative entities coming through and you will not have your own thoughts anymore. Keep yourself clean, Holly.

    Please remember you don’t need any kind of drug to use the power of your mind because EVERYTHING you need is already within you. You don’t need to rely on anything else to activate the power of your mind, TRUE power comes ALWAYS from within. Stay away from drugs!

    Daniel S - June 16, 2016 Reply

    Thanks very much for this Reona, really timely and one of the best articles I’ve ever found on the internet about mind! It seems that you described me to “T”, then gave me the answers I need to communicate in a good way with my mind.

      Reona - June 21, 2016 Reply

      Hi Daniel, thanks for the wonderful message!

      Well, that’s what I was aiming for. It didn’t go from A to Z for you, but I hope it helped enough to understand your subconscious mind and other things about creation.

Muteeb Ahmed - October 27, 2015 Reply

Well it is a nice article as I have studied it and find something good in it but the question arises here is that as you said all in one but I think so one in all is more suitable for me because every system needs to be run by an administrator like in the case of this universe there are some things which are completely out the control of mankind for instance can you predict about earthquake when it will occur for the next time I don’t think so likewise can anybody change the the timings of sunset. A big no can you tell me the reason of it!!!

Reona - October 27, 2015 Reply

Hey Muteeb, thanks for your feedback :)

Sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t understand your question properly. If you are asking me about big scale events like earthquakes and hurricanes are predictable, yes to some extent but know that prediction is just an *assumption* by reading the current energy statement of the planet. Energy of Earth is changing every moment responding to our collective consciousness and it could always change to another possibility.

If that predication has actually happened in this reality, it simply means the statement of energy didn’t change. We can ONLY experience a reality that matches to our vibration. There is NO exception for this.

It’s true that you can’t change the timings of sunset by our technology today, however, remember what you can already imagine EXIST in somewhere else already (in another parallel world), otherwise, you can’t even imagine something that doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter how impossible it looks to our physical earth minds.

You know 500 years ago, no one ever believed Earth is revolving around the Sun, no one believed we could ever fly. But what about today? Everything we thought impossible in the past has become REAL. You can’t put this world’s physics we understand to the universe, it’s beyond our science and human imaginations.

Unni R.N - October 27, 2015 Reply

Very informative. Could you send us more of these?

    Reona - October 27, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for your comment Unni! And of course, keep stay tuned for the next post which is coming in a few days… Follow us on social media or join my newsletter to get notified when I update this blog :-)

muteeb ahmed - October 27, 2015 Reply

I would like to have a conversation with you over phone or viber whatever suits you because I wanna discuss these things in detail.

Muteeb Ahmed - October 27, 2015 Reply

Dear please do share your upcoming or subsequent articles with me. As I have already mentioned my email. You can also send me the link through which I will catch you.

    Reona - October 27, 2015 Reply

    Sorry Muteeb, I don’t have any support over phone calls or provide assistance in such a way. For now, I only provide assistance through email and social media and don’t have any plan for expanding it. I hope you would understand it :-(

    Regarding about the next article, I’ll let all my subscriber know through email once it’s posted on my blog. If you are still not in my newsletter, sign up from here to receive my blog updates and exclusive contents

Muteeb Ahmed - October 30, 2015 Reply

Hello buddy thanks for informing me that how I can intimate you. Now I have one more question that’s as I am not a regular user of twitter because of several reasons. Most of the time I don’t get time to go through from it so here I request you to please email me all your new articles as well as this one I will be grateful to you for this act of kindness and I hope you would make it fast.

    Reona - October 30, 2015 Reply

    Don’t worry about that Muteeb, when the new post has been published I will make sure to email it to you :-)

    I’m currently working on the new article and hope to publish it tomorrow!

Ariane - October 31, 2015 Reply

Hello Reona,

First, I saw this post on Twitter. I love reading when it comes to mind and improving myself. I wanna thank you for this beautiful topic which really hit me and made me feel so much better. Hoping for your next post. You are heaven sent Domo Arigato :) :)

Reona - October 31, 2015 Reply

Hey Ariane, Do itashimashite!

I’m very surprised that you speak to me in Japanese ^^ Aw, I’m very happy to receive such a warmful message from you, I’ll try my best to keep providing quality contents to you all. Thank you very much, wishing you a wonderful day <3

Saravanan - November 1, 2015 Reply

Hi Reona,

Thanks a lot for wonderful article, though i haven’t completed it yet. I got stuck in 6-1: Match Your Vibration to Your Desire as i couldn’t get “Affirmation Rules PDF”, without which, i can’t proceed further. Can you please send it to my e-mail.

Thanks a lot!

Reona - November 1, 2015 Reply

You are very welcome Saravanan, thanks for your comment :)

I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you couldn’t download it, it’s kinda a rare case but don’t worry I’ve just sent it to your email!

Brock - November 2, 2015 Reply

Amazing article! You say it in a way for anyone to understand. This is exactly what Believe The Energy is all about. Great Job!

    Reona - November 3, 2015 Reply

    Thank you for liking my work Brock!

    It means a lot to me. And yes that’s the point of this blog, there are a lot of blogs out there talking about the similar thing, but most of them are usually too difficult to understand for beginners and lacking practical advice.. so I’ve made this article hoping it’d be the BEST content in the niche, to help everyone from newbie to expert :-)

Melodie - November 4, 2015 Reply

Hey Reo,

I’m absolutely impressed by this article, you put so much effort in it!
Your points are clear and your writing style is understandable and inspirational so that I couldn’t stop reading.
I’m personally very interested in the topics you wrote about and even though I’m – through YOU, surely – already aware of the LOA and its power, I still learned a lot more about it.
I absolutely agree on the “FTM”-technique, it’s so powerful and actually quite easy to do/be as soon as you know HOW and as soon as you WANT it.
My life definitely changed the day I got into LOA and I’m thankful to be one of the people who were able to learn it at a young age.
I especially love the way you made pro & con lists, I’m a big fan of these, so you should definitely keep up with them.

I’m so proud of you!

Mel x

Reona - November 4, 2015 Reply

Gawsh. Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, Melodie.

I’ve been waiting forever for you to read this article, you know I wanted to hear a comment from you the most! I’m really glad to see that you’ve enjoyed my article and could still give you something new even though we’ve talked a lot about this topic :”)

It’s the same for me, every perspective about life has fallen apart when I got to know the truth of the universe, and I’m happy to be that soul who brought you this greatest perception shift in your consciousness.

Love and light for you Mel! xx

Justine - November 8, 2015 Reply

Hi Reona

Great website, information and appreciate the way you bring such complex topics in detail yet in a way that can be understood. Thank you :-)

I had Chronic Fatigue for 3 years and through changing my mindset I got my life back and now live a full and healthy life.

Recently my mother received some not so great news and so I’ve started the Lightning process techniques again which is about mindfulness and reading your article this morning is a strong reminder of how important and powerful it is.

So thank you.

Keep writing with your energy as we really feel it :-)

Reona - November 9, 2015 Reply

You are very welcome Justine!

Thank you very much for your encouraging words, that’s my point, keeping it simple and straight so everyone can understand it ^^

It’s a very inspirational story how you healed your disease by changing your mindset.. I’m sure your comment will help encourage people who’s looking to change their body condition. I don’t know what has happened to your mother, but stay strong and keep focusing on the light.

Everything will be fine, love and light for you :) xo

Muteeb Ahmed - January 5, 2016 Reply

I hope you are fine. I have a question dear you wrote somedays ago that you would upload your new article before the start of a new year but you haven’t uploaded any article please make it a bit fast as I am desperately waiting for it.

Reona - January 11, 2016 Reply

Hey Muteeb, I’m sorry for keeping you wait for a long time :( I’ve been quite busy with another project and had no time to focus on writing and I was also sick for a few days. But I’m going to work on the article around weekend.

تكنولوجيا - February 8, 2016 Reply

Hello there, You have done a fantastic job… Excellent post. Keep posting such kind of info on your site. I’m really impressed by it, I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this site :D

    Reona - February 11, 2016 Reply

    I’m glad you liked my post! People like you really encourage me and make my work worth. Thank you :)

Mrwteeh - February 8, 2016 Reply

Well, since I like to read about the brain, how it works and how we can respond to it this article came in the appropriate time.

I appreciate the simple way you deliver the information’s to us, the efforts and the time you spent.

You are the first person that made me finish an English article with very precious information’s, also the way you wrote and compounded about the brain and positive thinking was awesome.

BTW I started paying attention to my unconscious directly after reading this content, since I have the problem of negativity. Please keep writing, looking forward for more and if you have more info’s about the brain please send me to me.

Thank you

Reona - February 11, 2016 Reply

Hey Mrwteeh, I’m very happy to hear that it’s helped you in any way! I understand articles related to mind tends to be very difficult and complex, and it makes it difficult for normal people to understand these concepts. I’ll try my best to make contents that’s easy for everyone to understand :)

It’s nice of you that you’re paying attention to your negativity patterns, once you know these patterns, you can change them.

Zuberi Mustapha - March 15, 2016 Reply

Thank you Reona, you’ve helped me understand my own mind. I feel like I can finally take back my life!

Jer - April 3, 2016 Reply

Thanks Reona for this wonderful blog. I’ve read some books that are quite similar from your methods and principles.

Just one thing I’ve read about one of your comment here about religions and I was fascinated on what you have said. Are there any facts or basis from this comment of yours? Or you read about the “Chariot of the Gods”?

    Reona - April 13, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for your comment Jer!

    Well, I haven’t read that book but most of my ideas are coming from Bashar, he’s one of masters I’m learning a lot from. His information is trustworthy so I recommend you to watch his videos :-)

Gazette - May 19, 2016 Reply

Wow Reona… what a terrific content. Thank you so much for submitting!

Hollis - May 20, 2016 Reply

You’ve got interesting articles here. Thanks for this! :D

Jona - June 12, 2016 Reply

Howdy! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to give it a look. I’m definitely loving the information.

I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Terrific blog and fantastic design.

    Reona - June 21, 2016 Reply

    Howdy Jona! That makes me happy knowing you loved my content and wanted to share it with others :) Thanks for your wonderful support <3

Alva - June 24, 2016 Reply

There is certainly a great deal to learn about this topic. I like all of the points you made.

    Reona - July 11, 2016 Reply

    Thanks Alva, I hope you found some useful information here :)

Cecile - July 11, 2016 Reply

Thank you…. :)

Nic - July 17, 2016 Reply

Cool stuff… It’s things I know I should do… As I have read up on this… But somehow in everyday life one’s mind/beliefs get cloudy and you shift away from what you have learnt.. It’s easier to go downstream instead of refocusing on what you have learnt. That’s an excuse. Reading your blog puts you back in perspective… That I am the one in control and that it is so easy to be in control – and not be lazy to bad thoughts. Thanks for this pep blog… I prefer to enjoy my life rather than wallow in self pity… :-)

    Reona - August 5, 2016 Reply

    You are welcome Nic! Glad you could find something useful in this article :)

Dil - August 3, 2016 Reply

Wonderful, creative and very informative article. This article was so well compiled, I was getting more and more excited as I went past each chapter. This was really useful to me and motivated me a lot. Thank you so much for taking the effort to compile something like this for the betterment of others.

    Reona - August 5, 2016 Reply

    Awh! Thank you so much Dil. Your words really make me happy and it becomes my motivation to create articles like this, even though it takes a lot of time and research :)

Delhi Escort - August 6, 2016 Reply

Hey there and thank you for your information – I’ve certainly picked up something new from right here. I did, however expertise a few technical issues using this web site, since I experienced to reload the web site a lot of times previous to I could get it to load correctly.

I had been wondering if your web hosting is OK? Not that I’m complaining, but slow loading instances times will often affect your placement in google and could damage your quality score if ads and marketing with Adwords. Anyway I’m adding this RSS to my e-mail and could look out for much more of your respective exciting content :)

Make sure you update this again very soon.

    Reona - August 16, 2016 Reply

    Hi Delhi,

    You’re more than welcome. I’d apology for the inconvenience that was caused, though I don’t have any problem with my website at this moment. So it was likely due to a temporary server issue by my host or your caching on your browser. Most likely the latter one, when the website doesn’t reload properly, just clean your cache and it mostly works fine then :)

    I don’t use RSS (since I don’t know how to use it that much lol), but you can sign up for my email newsletter to get updates on my home

Dennish - August 11, 2016 Reply

Hello, neat post. There’s an issue with your website in web explorer

Carid - August 12, 2016 Reply

Good article. Ι definitely ɑppreciate this blog. Continue the good work, Reona!

Marie - August 13, 2016 Reply

I’ve recently started a website, the information you provide on this site has helped me greatly.

Thanks for all of your time & work.

    Reona - August 16, 2016 Reply

    You’re welcome! That’s cool, what’s your website Marie? :)

Freda Helms - August 13, 2016 Reply

You reallу make it seem so easy wіth your presentation but I find this matter to be ɑctually ѕomething that I think I would never understand. It sеems too complicated and veгy broad fоr mе. I am ⅼooking forward fоr your next post, I ᴡill tгy to get the hang of it!

    Reona - August 16, 2016 Reply

    Yeah, I understand these topics are usually complex and difficult to understand which is the reason why I’ve decided to cover up in a way that anyone can understand. But if you don’t have any knowledge around these topics, you’ll surely find them still difficult… But this article covers a lot, so I recommend you read it a few times until you can understand what I mean, and if you still don’t understand, just google it or ask me away in the comments :)

Juan Villanueva - August 13, 2016 Reply

Really superb article, thank you Reona :)

Joel Seagun - August 19, 2016 Reply

Hello Reona! This article is truly amazing, nicely written and come with approximately all important info that I needed to hear :)

I’d like to see more posts like this though. Looking forward to post like this!!

    Reona - August 21, 2016 Reply

    Thank you for such an encouraging comment Joel! I’ll do my best.

Kristine - August 19, 2016 Reply

It’s such as you learn my thoughts! You seem to know a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I feel that you simply can do wiki a few % to pressure the message house a bit, but other than that, this is excellent blog. An excellent read! :)

    Reona - August 21, 2016 Reply

    Thank you Kristine :) I may know a lot about these topics, but trust me I suck at writing! It took a lot of time to get everything together here and produce this content.

Klara Samson - August 20, 2016 Reply

I’d must agree – music is a very efficient and powerful effect; it might probably encourage, cause revolutions, give individuals the the additional stepping stone in direction of a new found thought – but, it may possibly also create detrimental consequences from being impressed by the wrong influences.

    Reona - August 21, 2016 Reply

    Music? I think I haven’t talked about it here. You should have come went from my email lesson. Like I said in the email, music can be good but also bad. Choose what you listen carefully :-)

Kat - August 23, 2016 Reply

Thank you for sharing with us, I really loved it! :D

Jc - September 5, 2017 Reply

Thank you a million for this. I was hooked on the screen the whole day and been taking notes. Only just finished reading it now (almost 2 am) where I am. You have a wealth of knowledge on this and thank you for not being selfish. I’m most certainly applying this and will be here to tell you my miracle soon😄😄😄😄
God bless you.

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