Recommended tools

At MindsetDev, we are committed to helping people like you succeed and create a life that is truly extraordinary. Whether it’s for manifesting a great career, building a profitable online business, or simply improving yourself, using the right tools can drastically cut the time and the effort for achieving your goals. In this page you will find the selection of tools we have used or currently using for ourselves (excluding our own products). Enjoy!

Personal Growth

Fun fact, my birthday is the same as Vishen (Mindvalley CEO). Whatever. This is something I absolutely love and use on a daily basis to upgrade myself into a better version. With this Membership, you can access all of their world-class courses at once. From Biohacking and Healthy Lifestyle hacks to Guided Meditation and Business Goal Setting. It’s the best source for your personal development!

RTH is the second best tool after our Miracle Manifestation for reprogramming your subconscious beliefs – and creating fast, profound, lasting transformation in the most important areas of your life. For 35 days, you join your hypnotherapist Marisa Peer in a series of simple 20 – 40 minute daily sessions, designed to simulate a private therapy session with Marisa (which normally costs thousands of dollars and has a waiting list booked months in advance).

Lifebook is a book about you, created by you and for you. It’s a one-of-a-kind lifestyle design system for envisioning, planning, and achieving your personal vision of success in the 12 dimensions of life.

Dubbed as the “Healer’s Healer”, Jeffrey Allen has counseled thousands of private clients around the world and reached 100,000s of students through online spiritual training. Transcend your physical body and awaken your spiritual energy for life-changing success with Duality, one of the highest rated programs out there.

Business Tools

Elementor is the framework we use to build our websites. After trying multiple site building framework, we found Elementor to be extremely reliable and flexible in terms of design to the point where building high quality websites doesn’t almost requires any designer or coder help. Additionally, Elementor allows you to customise any WordPress theme including headers and footers meaning you can control the way every single part of your website looks.

Your email list is one of the most important assets of your authority site. But many email systems are a huge headache to manage and lack the flexibility to create awesome automated sequences. We’ve used many ESPs and we decided to call ConvertKit our home. It’s very simple and easy to use, light weight email marketing system you can use from day 1 with your site.

GetResponse is an affordable and powerful email marketing solution that is affiliate marketing friendly unlike ConvertKit. It’s also all-in-one marketing platform solution which, as well as email marketing, offers landing pages, a CRM and advanced automations.