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Guided Meditation Audios

Get instant access to your powerful meditation audios engineered to increase mind power for manifesting financial abundance much faster.

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You're going to be guided on a 8 day journey to manifest your heart's desires and transform  yourself into the best version of you that you can be.

Success Mindset Training

Learn how to rewire your limiting beliefs for success and achieve extreme self-confidence. Blaze your own wild trail of rapid, repeated successes.

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What Happy Students Say 

Loved by over 12000 + students from all over the world
Derek Baker Chicago, Illionis

"This course changed my life!"

Through this course, I could finally figure out why the hell the Law of Attraction didn't work for me no matter however I tried... and my life finally started changing after years of struggle. I can't be thankful enough for you!

"I love it and I'm happy I joined!"

Thank you, Mr. Reona! Your Mind Power Matrix course inspires me a lot to change my life and to know more about myself, I could discover parts of me that I never knew existed. My income and mental health have never been this better. Thank you so much for this free course.

Anna Smith Perth, West Australia
Portland, Oregon

"It over-exceeded my expectation..."

While the support I've received from you has been more than amazing and quite surprising, as when I signed up for this program, I was a little skeptical about it. But over the past months, I've received nothing but pure support and positive vibes to kind of lighten up my days as well as getting a grip of the consciousness and combatting negativity. Highly recommended for anyone who has been going through rough times in life. Keep doing what you are doing Reona, THANK YOU!

Mind Power Matrix will allow you to unleash the power of your subconscious mind

Get it for FREE while it's available ($199)

​Supercharge Your Mind Power

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Who's behind Mindset Dev?

power of your subconscious mind

Reona Saito

Founder Mindset Dev

Hey there, I'm Reona, who's the mind behind Mindset Dev and course author of Mind Power Matrix. Since I was little, I was always fascinated by things that are beyond our knowledge. 8 years ago, I had a divine experience that woke me up from the illusion of physical reality. Since then, I started spreading universal knowledge on Twitter back in 2011 and today it's one of the biggest personal development accounts with over 1 million followers. My passion is inspiring people and push them forward to live healthier and happier lives. Everyone deserves a life where they can truly be happy and enjoy from the core of their well-being. I conquered my negativity and found peace within. I became so much more powerful, energetic, positive and happier... and today I'm living my wildest dream. With this blog, I hope to help you do the same thing! (Read full story here)