My Story

Hi, I'm Reona.

An Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Unshakable Optimist

dedicated to helping you create the life of your dreams.

Born and raised in Japan, I was a shy introvert young kid, who always strived to make a positive difference.

Chureito Pagota, Japan shot by Reona Saito ©

Today, I'm traveling the world full time with nothing more than a passion, a laptop, and a dream, while running a business that helps millions of people from 187 countries become their best version of themselves and realize their wildest dreams.

I created this MindsetDev, to inspire YOU become the person you most want to be, and create the life that you truly want and deserve.

Is that what you want?

If yes, you are in the right place.

Here's the contents you can expect from us:

  • Mastering the Law of Attraction
  • Creating a conscious lifestyle
  • Achieving your full human potential
  • Making multiple income sources & business driven by passion
  • Tips for productivity, entrepreneurship & motivation

This is What I Do...

Let me tell you a little story about myself...

It's going to be long, straight and raw.

So buckle up and bear with me for a bit. Maybe, get a cup of coffee if it's better.

As I said in the beginning, I'm now traveling the world full time while making my living online doing what I love - inspiring people.

Elephant Sanct

Elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I help people develop an unstoppable mindset that gets them 'results' and 'success' they want, both in business and personal life so they can be self-sufficient and live up to their full human potential.

If you wonder where 'MindsetDev' name came from, it's from 'Mindset Development'.

Because I believe mindset is everything. What you think, you become.

I used to work a lot before (well, I'm a Japanese so...) and I still put crazy hours and stay up all night when it's needed.

However, I only work 4-7 hours a week nowadays and I'm quite financially comfortable.

At least enough to travel around the world while staying at 5-star hotels and eating at fancy restaurants every day, and still can afford to do what I love without breaking my bank.

Though, of course, I don't really stay in those fancy 5 star hotels or villas that much anymore, as I'm traveling solo.

I'm a quite simple man. All I need is a bed, good food, and maybe a beautiful lady around (if that's not too much to ask, lol).

All my life is basically in a backpack and a laptop.

Just pack and go lifestyle, pretty much.

Some call me homeless, or 'minimalist' in a fancy modern word. Guess they are both right :-)

No leasing. No contract. No debt.

Free from all the responsibilities and obligations.

Just me, doing what I love every day.

It's been an absolute blessing for the past few years.

Thai jungle

Somewhere in a deep jungle of South East Asia

This is the lifestyle I've always wanted years ago.

And today I can proudly say I've made it!

I'm living in my dreams (well, for the most part... now I have bigger new dreams which I'll tell you soon).

The Early Days...

While my life may sound somewhat impressive for a 24 years old, of course my life wasn't always like this.

Rather, it was full of difficulties.

I grew up with two younger siblings under the parents who were lost.

My mom was 20 when she gave me birth (here I am 24 still feeling like a kid).

My dad was older, but he was lost as a man.

He didn't work. He was the kind of father you usually see on TV dramas, who beats his wife and kids, and asks his son (me) to go buy beers and always getting drunk.

Yes, that was my dad.

Growing up in such a background, I had to learn how to stay strong and inspire myself.

At 12, my parents got divorced.

My life finally became peaceful, however it was still very tough.

Imagine being a young single mother with 3 kids all of the sudden, having to work day and night.

My mom did whatever she could to raise us.

We didn't have money, but we were happy. And that's all it mattered to us.

As a teen, deep inside I remember myself hating my life many times, for living in such a poor shitty house (because some of my classmate used to make fun of it), and not being able to afford things that friends have. But I never complained, because I love my mom.

Seriously though, I can't be thankful enough for my mom. She's the strongest and sweetest woman I know.

Looking back at my own life...

Getting abused by father, my brother getting jailed, my mom being depressed, losing the love of my life, struggling financially all my life (until I started my own business). Basically, my life sucked.

I was nothing and I had nothing.

Today I can say I'm grateful for them.

That's probably why I ALWAYS had a strong desire to improve my life and myself for the better.

I just wanted to escape from living paycheck to paycheck and help my family.

Broke to Millionaire...

At 20, after graduating from college, I got into the real world.

Just like everyone else, I got a job... and I hated it.

So I went against the advice of everyone and quit.

And yeah… I quickly regretted the decision very soon.

I got broke and I remember I was worried about things such as how am I gonna pay the bills and so on all the time.

I was very desperate and had to find a way to make money fast.

Yes, just go get a job, right?

Easy. It was an option but I realized how much I hated working under someone by actually doing it (even though it was just 2 weeks).

When I had quit, I kind of vowed myself not to ever work for anyone else but myself.

I found that internet business may be a solution to what I wanted.

So I quickly had set up a website.

I worked my ass off for 12-15 hours, EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next half a year.

No holiday. No bars. No girls.

I even stopped socializing with my friends. Some of my friends thought I was dead or went missing. lol.

But in reality, I was living like a monk staying in my room 24/7 - working on my computer to figure this thing out all day long.

Honestly, it was boring and very stressful.

My mom thought I was just playing video games on his computer all day.

First 3 months?

No results.

But I kept going, believing I would be rewarded soon.

After 6 months. The results?

I had to accept the truth.

I failed, BIG time.

Well… I barely made $100 in total. F*ck Adsense.

How pathetic and miserable is that? Only that much, for working 12 hours every single day for half a year.

I'm not kidding at all.

The truth? I worked super hard and it didn't pay off in the end. That was a reality.

I felt lonely and sad because no one really understood what I was going through...

At this point, I spent most of my savings and had very little left. I felt like a total failure and giving up...

But I didn't, I made points and analyzed why I failed and made another website which is this one

I became the monk again - staying in my room 24/7 and working every day.

I barely made any money for the next half a year.

But after 1 year since starting this crazy journey…

At 21 my business was generating me around $1-2K a month, and in just a few months, I was already making $5K per month.

From there it was relatively quick, all I had to do was scale.

From $10K, to $30K, to $60K, to $90K I was easily pulling 5 figure incomes every week.

At 22, I became a self-made millionaire and I started traveling the world and was living like a baller. Kind of.

Staying at a villa which costs $1K a night, and spending money for things I didn't even need, to impress the people I didn't even like.

Paradise in Mactan

5-star hotel in Cebu island, the Philippines.

Really, it was like that.

On top of that, I was running my business in a very risky way.

How I Lost It All... 

And one day, it happened all of the sudden.

Yup, shit just got real!

Everything started to collapse at the same time.

My business got ruined due to outer factors which caused me to lose most of my incomes all of the sudden, and at that time I was also investing most of my savings in crypto because I thought I didn't need to save money, because ya know, I was literally making 5 figures a week.

Why keep 'em in banks with 0.1% interest, right?

How stupid I was.

Thanks to whales in Crypto market, and my stupid ass.

Basically, I lost most of the money I earned in just a few month span which is very ridiculous, yet all real.

So I was a millionaire for only a few months.

From broke to millionaire. From millionaire to broke. Did both in the first 2 years.

That's one hell of an achievement, right?

Seriously, when you lose that amount of money that fast you wouldn't even be sad about it (at least for me), I was just confused all the time what the fuck just happened.

It's usually after a few months that things start to sink in and you'll start understanding what a stupid ass you were.

After working so hard for the past almost 2 years, and traveling the world for few months straight, I finally decided to go home to focus on backing up my business.

And I came home... but soon I got depressed.

I didn't know what I wanted anymore...

I was burned out and stayed in my room watching TV and just sleep all day long without going outside at all.

I felt no energy to do anything at all.

All those crazy thoughts flowing through my head, it was a mess...

Betrayal. Billionaire. Death.

But deep inside, I knew I couldn't live this way forever.

So I had to wake up and remind myself what I wanted.

And one of them was to go to New Zealand, which had always been my dream since I was like 15.

So I used my brain and quickly made $30,000 from almost nothing in just 2 months and bought one-way ticket to NZ.

(Mind you, it was only possible because I had the experiences and skills I gained in the past 2 years, it's the mindset baby!).

I admit it was scary and uncomfortable.

My life was messed up. So was I.

Going somewhere you've never been, being so far away from your friends and family...

Just yourself in a foreign land...

Fast forward today...

Been more than a year since I went to New Zealand.

Guess what?

It was the best decision I've ever made so far in my life.

The time in NZ, had changed my life forever...

Lake Takapo Pano by Reona Saito

Lake Tekapo, NZ shot by Reona Saito © 

I definitely had the time of my life there and I made so many truly unforgettable memories.

Some of them are…

Living in Queenstown which had always been my dream (this is the place I'd live if I ever settle down).

Dusk Queenstown

Queenstown in dusk, NZ shot by Reona Saito ©

Living in a huge house right in front of the lake, with a bedroom view exactly like this.

Reona's room in QT

Room view in Queenstown, NZ shot by Reona Saito ©

It costed me $1,200/week but it was totally worth it in my opinion.

Getting scammed $8,000 by a person you were best friend with. I helped this guy with everything, from rent, food, car, and even bills for 3 months (we lived together) because he was almost homeless in winter Queenstown.

Having road trip in South Island with two beautiful British girls.

On our way to Tekapo, NZ.

Making friends with a crazy gay billionaire guy from a really powerful Jewish billionaire family along with families like Rothschild.

He never ever leaves you sober, you are always either super high, or drunk with him, usually both.

J's birthday morning

Birthday morning at the top of Sofitel Wellington, NZ.

Cheers J, you were a damn experience!

And surviving a deadly car accident where your car rolling up 4 times on a very narrow road above 200-foot cliff. Airbag didn't even work!

Car crash

Yes I got fucked. No explanation needed. 

Seems like the Universe wanted me alive that day.

Seriously thank God! (I only got some small scratches, that was all!)

I admit at some point, life was going too fast.

Relationships, responsibility, business, and many other things.

It was just too chaotic and crazy and overwhelming that I just wanted to leave everything behind. Though I could, I didn't.

After all, I was too in love with NZ (now more in love), its incredible nature, its kind people, its rich culture, its good food, and most importantly the wonderful friends I made there.

It was always the people that made me want to stay.

Despite all the crazy stuff that happened there, I enjoyed every second. I know I'll go back to that country in the case of the world ending, or when I ever settle down. I found my paradise.

To be honest, I was stuck and lost when I went to New Zealand.

Now here I am, almost 1 year after spending my time in the land of long white clouds, I was able to re-discovered myself.

I was reborn.

My passions and my new dreams.

I am no longer lost or stuck.

I clearly know what I want to do and have to do with my life.

My business came back stronger and I'm now working hard to scale it to a much higher height so I can impact and influence more people's lives.

I'm also working on new projects which I hope to share with you soon.

So what I do really want now?

My Ultimate Goal...

It may sound silly, but I truly want to change this world.

For the people and this beautiful planet.

That's my ultimate dream, and most likely a life-long mission.

And I really believe in it, and I owe myself to the world.

If you are intelligent, you know that our current money-driven system is not sustainable.

It's crystal clear that we're destroying this planet's eco-system faster than it can recover itself...

Albatross killed by excessive plastic ingestion (National Geographic)

The current system may have served us well for the past few centuries, but at the cost of millions of people's death, polluting air we breathe, causing massive environmental destruction, and extinction of too many kinds that will never come back.

We're killing this planet, our only home for the sake of pursuing economical growth so we can accumulate more papers (money) which is basically nothing. I mean these paper won't save us. But fixing the system will.

If you think, there would be no consequence for what we do today to this planet, you need to educate yourself better.

Maybe, we'd not be there to see the doomsday if we got lucky.

However, it's certainly our future generations that have to pay for these consequences.

And even now many people's getting affected by those drastic environmental changes. With the increasing world's population, decreasing world's resources, even a little kid can understand that our society is not sustainable and needs to be changed.

I believe with all the resources and technology we already have, we can save so many people's lives and erase poverty from this planet if we choose to do so and try our best, instead of letting our stupid politicians spend trillions for military and wars every year.

Look, there's nothing that divides us on this planet, but only in our heads and maps.

It's the stupid ideology and identity fueled by patriotism and propaganda that keep us separated and killing us. 

I'm from Japan, and I'm Japanese by label but I see myself as a human, from Earth. And so is everyone.

I may sound pessimistic about our future (yeah, maybe a little), but I'm pretty hopeful and optimistic about our future as a species, I believe in humanity.

To some of you, I may sound crazy for talking about these things.

But I'm not afraid to say what I want even it may sound impossible or absurd as hell.

Ever since I was a child, I always said it, and achieved what I wanted (for the most part).

Now understanding the power of manifestation...

I'll say it again.

I want to create a world without border, poverty, war, and money.

A kind of utopia you see in Star Trek movies where all the races and ethics of people living in harmony and working together with one planetary collective and purpose. Each one of us are working on our own self-enlightenment and the betterment of society as a whole.

This is WHY I do what I do.

That's why I want to help you create a life you want and live up to your full potential. I really do.

Because I believe you would make a positive difference in this world, no matter how big or small.

And the more people wake up from this matrix and start living their dreams, the better the world becomes in so many ways.

I really believe in the power of the butterfly effect. If I could manifest my dream, ANYONE can do it.

We all have roles to play, and each one of us was born on this planet at this specific time. And it's for making differences, otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

That's why I want you to live your life to its fullest potential.

Everything you do, is interconnected with something which is part of everything, in one way or another.

Be bold and think big.

Because you are way bigger than you think you are.

Now here's to you.

Ask yourself...

What kind of reality do you want to create for yourself?

What kind of future you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in?

Think about that.

Because as you're here breathing on this planet, you are here to create and make a difference.

As Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world".

You can do it. And we can do this together.

Let's change the world!

To living your wildest dreams,


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