About Mindset Dev 

Hey there! My name is Reona Saito, I'm the mind behind Mindset Dev. The reason I created this website is to help people who are looking to change themselves and create a life they love.

Your mind is so powerful that it creates your whole reality, however, most people don't even know the fact and living unconsciously wasting the power of their mind.

Scientists say that we use only 10% of our mind.

What if you were capable of using that power at 100%?

Literally anything you can imagine will be possible with the power of your mind, there is nothing you can't have, do or be!

You can create a life you love. With this blog, I'm going to share my ongoing learning on the topic of the mind power including such as the law of attraction, affirmation and more, that will help you develop your own mind and use that power to create miracles, magic and abundance in your life.

What is the Mind Power I'm Talking About?

As you are here, I assume you may have heard things such as The Secret, Abraham, visualization, affirmation, the law of gratitude, the law of attraction, the law of the universe, etc and you are probably already familiar with one of them.

Don't be confused, it doesn't really matter what name *it* has because they are all basically the same thing, just offering a little different approach to manifesting your dream.

They are based on the similar idea of "your thoughts and emotion become reality", to be more specific about the idea, everything in the universe is made of energy vibrating at a different frequency, and your own energy frequency determines what experience you would get.

Your energy isn't fixed, it's always changing depends on what you are thinking and feeling at this very moment.

Your reality is a reflection of your own mind. If you want to experience a reality where you are happy and enjoying your own life from the well-being, you must feel and think happy at first in order to experience that. This is how it works and doesn't matter whether you believe it or not, it's been always working for you, for everyone, and for every being in the entire universe and dimension as it is one of the universal laws just like the law of gravity.

Also, I've taught and helped other people how to attract what they desire and watched them be amazed as they got the very things they wanted. 

Once you master how to use the power of your mind, there will be no obstacle on this planet that can stop you.

My Story to Where I am Today

Seven years ago, I was just a little shy boy who had no confidence and self-esteem. And my life was tough at that time due to my family issue, things weren't going on my way. I was tired of my life and desperate to change. But I never gave up on my hope to become better. 

And one day, the universe has fulfilled my hope by giving me an opportunity in an unexpected way would change my life forever.

I stumbled across a video on YouTube where a great spiritual leader telling the truth about the universe and our physical reality. And I started learning more and more about the universe since that day.

Yup, every perspective about life that I had has literally fallen apart dramatically, really many things that were taught as real wasn't actually real in the universe!

The more I learned bout the universe and took action along the universal laws, my life like that used to be hard as a rock, started changing slowly!

Many good things and miracles started occurring in my life. That's when I've truly confirmed the power of my mind, I could literally see how my thoughts and emotions were deeply connected with my reality.

You know I had no choice but believe in that when I saw these miracles in my own eyes. I've truly understood what we call a miracle is not the miracle by accident, but by inevitable. Everything happnes for a reason.

Just like you, I was skeptical about what these guys (spiritual leaders) were talking about at first, but experiences will open your eyes.

The universe will always bring you circumstances that make you think what you thinking are right, and your mind fixes those beliefs even harder. That's how beliefs become a part of the subconscious mind. Whether it's a positive belief or negative, once it's programmed in your mind, it's hard to change that belief.

It, of course, depends on how strong you believe in the idea, e.g. - nature concept is one of the deepest belief in your subconscious mind and very difficult to change such things. Even if you intend to think that "fire is cold" (which is totally opposite from what your subconscious mind actually recognizes), your mind automatically will refuse to believe in it, and have thoughts and emotion (doubt) against the idea. (This was an example with one of the hardest belief concept to change.)

I hope you understand it's not easy to change what's programmed in your subconscious mind.

Back to my story..

I knew negativity was always blocking myself from attacting my dreams into my life.

I wanted to eliminate these negative beliefs programmed in my mind to attact them faster and effortlessly.

After years of study and experiment, I've managed to find a really powerful and easy way to handle negativity and reprogram a negative belief into a positive one.

Looking back, I've always had the ability to attract what I wanted when I wanted it even before I knew it (LOA) had a name. I attracted love from my crush, money, good grades, perfect soulmate, my dream job, from the silliest to big things. I've done it all! 

But with the technique I've developed, I can now attract my desire much faster with less effort compared to the old days. I can't believe how so many good things, even things what we would call miracle started happening a lot often since I've mastered how to use my mind.

I've accomplished a lot of things using my mind power in the past 4 years. It's been 7 years since I've got to know about the universe and laws, but I've greatly improved in the past 4 years because of my passion for learning. 

Here're few things I have achieved in the past 4 years

  • I attracted my soulmate from personality to looks, that I’ve always imagined as a perfect soulmate.
  • I followed my passion for inspiring people and created a Twitter page (@wisdomsquote) followed by over a million people and many celebrities from scratch, and still growing.
  • I’ve brought my passion to Tumblr and spreading inspiration there as well, getting more than 500K notes monthly.
  • I’ve become a successful social media manager and worked with many companies from all over the world including big¬†companies like Coca Cola and Microsoft, as the result it brought enough money which was my first online success. I still work as a social media manager, but since I’m busy with the new project I can’t put much time on social media these days.
  • I created technology and lifestyle blog Techwil (in April 2015) since I love technology and gadgets, I wanted to provide people the latest tech news and lifestyle tips from my experience. It’s been growing rapidly but due to my new project, I’m taking a little bit break from that blog.
  • Hey, this is the new project I was talking about above, my biggest passion is spreading positivity and love to make this planet a better place for us and the growth of the entire universe. I always wanted to do something that can push humanity forward, it can maybe some kind of charity work, some business or product. I want to have a positive impact on people’s live, the more they become aware of themselves and positive, this world will be a better place, at least I am believing so. This is why I would like to help you with this blog Mindset Dev!

I've done much more!

I actually can't believe even myself, how far I've come from literally nothing in just 4 years.

Trust me, I was just a insecure high school student who was tired of his life and didn't know what he wanted to do in life.

Looking back, everything looks diffierent for me now. Too many things happened in a good way during the 4 years.

Also, today, the Twitter page I started from my iPhone 3GS back in 2012 is growing to 1 million followers. It was an incredible journey so far and I believe where my passion will takes me. 

After college, I got a job just like everyone else and had amazing co-workers and boss but I didn't like my job, I was fed up with doing something I didn't like every day. I was getting enough salary, but I was not happy with my life.

And when I thought of doing this job for the rest of my life, I got sick! I hated my job. That's when I realized I was not doing something right for myself. I was wasting my life and happiness.

Life is too short to be anything but happy. This is my word to live by and decided to follow it, I went against the advice of everyone and quit.

‚ÄčI always had a longing for a nomad life where I'm my own boss and have the freedom to choose anything. So when I thought of it, online business was the answer and that's what I was doing for the past few years with my social network!

I've decided to get into this game and started learning the basic of internet marketing and SEO while figuring out what I'm doing. I'm still learning new things and trying to figure out every day.

Finally, I started getting positive result from my work, after many failures. I'm still so busy that working for 12 hours every day facing my laptop. 

But you know what?

I feel alive and happy for what I'm doing, I love my job, this is all for my dream so it's not that pain for me working this hard. I'm enjoying my life every single day, that's what matters the most anyway.

My Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal is to make this planet a better place for myself and every being on Earth.

As you begin to know more about the universe, you will understand how everything's literally connected and how you have an impact to the world in energy level.

Everyone can contribute to the universe and this planet by giving off the positive vibration. This planet is currently experiencing the biggest transformation ever in its whole history, the negative energy used to be always greater than the positivity on Earth, but for the first time, the positive energy has exceeded the negativity in 2012.

For the bright future, I am here today for inspiring and helping people become alignment with themselves and live a life that is a truly extraordinary. Each of my work has something to do with my goal, and this is only the beginning of something great, which is yet to come...

Call me idealist, but I believe I can make it happen with you together. The world without border and war, where everyone is happy and takes action based on unconditional love. This is a utopia with permanent peace, and it can be only achieved by people's understanding. Peace kept by weapon is never peace, it is based on fear and will never last.

True peace needs your understanding and love, and we can make it happen together. I may not be able to change the world alone, but with you and everyone becomes possible. At least, I'm believing so. 

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