How to Stop Being Addicted to Thoughts for Your Wellbeing

By Reona Saito

October 18, 2019

Are you struggling with negative thoughts or depression?

Since I released the Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Subconscious Mind, I’ve got many requests on dealing with own negativity in my email and comment section…

So today, I’ll share with you another ultimate guide on getting rid of your long-established negative patterns and replace them with new positive beliefs so that you can create a truly fulfilling life that you want.

I’ll show you every step, and process for absolutely free.

I know I can help you with this matter since there was a time I suffered from depression myself, and I’ve managed to overcome it on my own without taking any dangerous medication or therapy.

Hence, let me share some tips on how to stop being addicted to thoughts.

I learned it from my own experience and the knowledge about the mind I have gathered through the years.

I hope that I can help you even a little bit.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

– How we become addicted to thoughts & what’s behind them
– Understanding how obsessive thoughts affect you & your reality
– How to identify your subconscious thought patterns
– How to let go of your obsessive negative thinking patterns

Table of Contents

Firstly, I want to make things clear.

Mental disorder can happen to anyone, no matter who you are.

That’s why you should never be ignorant about your own mind.

I never imagined before that I would even suffer from mental disorder.

There’s no way it can happen to this me, I thought.

However, it somehow happened.

The negativity started overflowing and consumed me, perhaps that’s the reason why I suffered a lot.

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy..

I’m telling you this because there’s a possibility for anyone to experience the same thing.

If you don’t know how to deal with negative thoughts, you could easily fall into a vicious cycle, which can potentially lead to mental health issue.


It gets only worse if you don't do anything against it. If you keep allowing it to happen, it will result with you getting a specific state of mind, which the doctors call them "mental disorders".

Do you catch yourself thinking about negative thoughts repeatedly and become overwhelmed by them often?

If that’s the case, PAY attention.

Probably, you want to do it like me.

You want to know how to deal with your negative thoughts.

No one wants to be stuck in this vicious cycle.

Everyone wants to be happier and healthier so you can enjoy your life.

If you do, then you’re in the right place, buddy.

It’s very CRUCIAL for you to understand and learn how to LET GO of the baggage in your mind, even though “letting go” is one of the most challenging things for anyone since we are all addicted to some kind of thoughts and subconsciously holding onto them which is also a part of our identity.

1. Understanding Your Obsessive Thoughts

Here’s a twist.

Everyone has some kind of compulsive thinking.

It lives in one’s “thought patterns” as part of daily life.

This is the fundamental of who you are in personality level.

However, you must know that compulsive thoughts could help you attract good things into your life or could be harmful and demolish your health.

It can also affect you physically and psychologically.

However, this is all depending on the context of your thought.

Will it be positive or negative?

You can easily find out if a certain thought is positive or not by simply observing your emotion towards it.

Since everything in this universe is created based on “yin and yang” (the positive and the negative), then, you can separate emotion and thought into yin and yang as well.

You can easily judge your emotion by the guide below:

The higher it is the better in terms of vibration.

If you believe that thought or perspective is “positive” in your subconscious mind, you will have “good” emotion when you experience that thought.

If not, you will feel bad about it.


Compulsive thinking is seen as a "negative" in this society. Because in most cases, people are addicted to their negative pattern instead of the positive ones. Many of us live and make decisions based on fear without ever being aware of them.

This is not your fault. Our society’s systems rely on fear in many aspects.

As a result, we took so many negative beliefs from the society and other people.

How will you avoid it?

You have to be aware of your surroundings.

Fear is everywhere.

Have you noticed that before?

It made its way into marketing, business, education, and even in politics.

It is also pretty much everywhere.

Fear has soaked deep into the world that’s why it became a very strong force.

Why do you think is the reason behind?

It’s simple, there’s nothing better than “fear” to CONTROL/MANIPULATE people.

People in power know this fact very well.

They’ve been using fear for thousands of years on this planet.

Trump is a good recent example.

He’s a brilliant business man and understands well that ‘fear’ sells.

He literally used fear against immigrants and Muslims to gain popularity.

According to him, they are the problem for the USA having bad economy.

It’s exactly how Hitler gained popularity too.

(I’m not saying Trump is a bad person, just showing example of how fear is used).

He did the same thing for Jewish people when Germany was struggling with its economy.

The logic behind is this: it’s always easy to blame others than yourself.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that you’re responsible for your own life after all.

Unfortunately, fear is a familiar feeling for most people.

At some point in time, we worry over something in life.

What’s the result?

Our brain is subconsciously in the habit of looking at reality in a negative way.

1-1: The Root Cause of Your Compulsive Thoughts

Due to habit, there are many people struggling with their own mind in the society, in a form of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety and so on. 

The reason for its cause could be different for each person. 

However, in most cases, the origin of these mental issues and obsessive thoughts come from a particular belief strongly associated with fear or negativity from past traumas, and emotional pains. 

Like it or not, these negative beliefs exist deep in your subconscious mind.

"You will conquer fear or Fear will conquer you." - Reona Saito

1-2: How Certain Thoughts Becomes Addictive

According to neuroscience research, we experience thoughts around 70,000 times per day.

70000 thoughts PER DAY…

It’s absolutely mind-blowing.

Imagine if you were taking EACH thought seriously and personally…

Your head will probably explode, if not going insane.

Thankfully, it does NOT happen.

This is because we’re unconsciously choosing ONLY some of them so the rest (99%) doesn’t matter.

However, some of your thoughts will matter even though you unconsciously picked them.

This is because you chose to believe in them.

As a result, this process is NECESSARY to define and create your personality.

They are like seeds that can potentially become your beliefs or compulsive thoughts.

Nevertheless, here’s the problem with your subconscious pattern.

Because it’s already present, you may take it for granted and believe it as your TRUTH, when it’s nothing more than a subconscious pattern.

It’s simply a thought pattern that your mind conceived SO many times that it became part of your “automatic” thinking.

It simply springs into your mind without your allowance or intention.

1-3: How to Free Your Negative Thoughts

You can become free from these negative thinking patterns by being aware of them. 

You can consciously dis-identify them through relaxing your focus and attention whenever it arises. 

I’m going to talk about this in more detail at 2-3, so keep on reading.

2. Identifying Subconscious Patterns

As I’ve talked in the previous article, most of our decisions, actions, emotions, thought patterns, and behavior depend on the 95% of brain activity that is beyond our conscious awareness.


You are only operating your brain at the maximum of 1-5%. Your subconscious mind handles the rest of the 95% on "autopilot" mode. At some point in your life, you have acknowledged these patterns as the *truth* and invested your belief in them to the point where they got ingrained in your subconscious mind.

2-1: How Thoughts Transform Into Beliefs

When you think about a specific thought long enough, it becomes part of your automatic thinking.

The neural pathways of this thought embed strongly into the neural network of your brain.

For example, when you drive a car for the first time, you pay so much attention to the activity. This is what you call a very conscious effort. 

However, after a year, the whole action of driving becomes part of your subconscious mode when you no longer have to pay attention to it constantly unlike the first time.

In a sense, it’s similar to a habit that you develop by repeating the same process for a long period.

You could liken a thought becoming part of your subconscious the same way.

This is the process of how a new thought becomes a strongly established belief in your subconscious mind. 

No thoughts ever become “beliefs” overnight or just in a few days. 

It is the result of weeks/months of having the same thought about it so many times. 

Simply put, the more attention you give to a thought, the stronger it becomes.

2-2: Negativity Attracts More Negativity

As you read this, certain negative thoughts are running on autopilot mode in your brain.

These negative thoughts are mostly the root cause of many other negative perceptions and interpretations that you come up with in your daily life.


Unless you identify and stop holding on to the root cause of beliefs that produce the negative patterns in your mind, you will constantly have to face the negativity that comes in your mind. This will be extremely exhausting and stressful for you.

2-3: How to Neutralize Your Negative Thoughts & Emotions

I want you to remember that the real problem isn’t the “negative pattern” itself.

It is on HOW you choose to respond to it, which will determine your next experience about that thought.

Many of us tend to take thought patterns very personally and get affected by them as soon as they arise, while some people like me can remain completely calm and relaxed where they are just observing their thoughts and emotions without being affected by them.

Some call it ‘stillness’ – it is the state where you are fully in charge of your thoughts and emotion by simply observing, instead of them controlling you.

How can you easily achieve this ultimate calmness?

By using this powerful visualization technique I call “Cinematic Viewing”, you will no longer become the slave to your mind.

Practice this daily, I promise you can increase your control level over your thoughts and emotions significantly.

I use this visualization method to neutralize anything negative that come up to my mind.

Hence, I recommend you to try this if you have a hard time dealing with negative thoughts or emotions.

Now, let me show you how you can do that with the screenshot I took from the previous article.

How to do Cinematic Viewing:

How to observe your thoughts

3. Subconscious Patterns & How They Affect You

The “Subconscious mind” is the term you use for activities beyond your awareness that runs on autopilot mode.

These subconscious patterns (beliefs) become observable when you deepen your awareness, and will be able to see it clearly how these patterns are underlying many of your perceptions and interpretations you come up with in your daily life.


Remember that every subconscious pattern was simply once a "new thought" that you ingrained and believed.

These are some of negative patterns (limiting-beliefs) many of us have:

Aren’t some of the beliefs familiar to you?

You’ve had these thoughts at some point of your life and accepted as the truth of who you are or what reality is, and they may be running on autopilot mode presently.

These core negative beliefs are the root cause of new negative perceptions and interpretation, which your mind constantly produces.

So for example, what if someone told you are ugly even you are not?

As soon as you hear it, I’m sure many of you will immediately start worrying about your looks and how others seeing you, unless you have an absolute confidence in yourself.

So in a way, if you truly believe on your own worth and value, others’ opinions would not bother you.

You know you are beautiful no matter what, so even if someone else thinks you are not, you are completely fine.

You understand that someone’s idea of you does NOT define who you really are.

This is because it really shouldn’t, unless you let their opinion of you define you.

With that said, remember you are the only ONE who can define yourself!

"Calling a man "stupid" who truly sees himself as a genius is nonsense." - Reona Saito

3-1: Nobody Else Can Define Who You Are

Nothing can define you, except yourself. 

You should not define who you are by comparing yourself to others in your reality. 

Your emotional reaction and subconscious pattern are simply the reflection of what you believe as TRUE. 

They come from your own definitions about things, never outside circumstance.

"Circumstances do not matter, the only state of being matters." – Bashar

3-2: Definitions Rule Your Subconscious Patterns

Perspective is everything; it’s all about how you CHOOSE to see it.


For example, let's say we live in the same neighborhood or country, but the world looks completely different depending on a person, since we are seeing our own world through different filters, based our own perspectives and beliefs. It could be a lot different depending on its environment where you grew up. Some think this world is a wonderful beautiful place, but for some people, it's only chaotic and cruel.

For example, a girl who grew up from a poor family and a girl from a rich family have very different ways of seeing life.

Hence, they will have different mindsets and different realities.

This way, everyone lives in his/her own subconscious thought patterns from their own definitions, and experiences this physical reality through their own perspectives.


You are in your own consciousness − having the mind with full of negativity is the same as living in hell, so make sure that your home is a comfortable place since that's the only place you have to live.

3-3: You Are Beyond Your Beliefs and Mind

Remember you always have the power to change your consciousness, as you can never separate from it.

You are the consciousness itself. You have the total freedom to choose everything!

Believe it or not, as a soul, it’s you who chose your place, your parents, your sexuality, your thoughts, emotions; even what to believe!

You chose everything around you.

It doesn’t matter whether your physical mind DO NOT think so or can’t understand it.

This is the universal fact that no one can change.

Another thing, it’s impossible for the physical mind to understand it anyway.

“When you realize all things that truly matter – beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace – arise from beyond the mind, you begin to awaken.”

Eckhart Tolle
Best-selling author

3-4: Everything is a Choice in the Universe

The universe loves you unconditionally.

It has given each soul the “free will” to experience your realities. It doesn’t judge good or bad, because it’s a human perspective.

As we are all part of his creation, you can choose everything, but you forgot this fact when you came down to this physical reality.

Many people abandon the responsibility for their own life and experiences; because they live like a victim of their own reality.

You are the creator of your own reality.

The way you live your life is your total choice.

The universe will always admire his son or daughter’s will, unconditionally.

That is what unconditional love is all about.


Just because you have the freedom to choose, it doesn't mean you can do whatever for your own self-satisfaction. You should never do something to harm others, except to protect yourself and your loved ones. The universal laws do not allow you to destroy or disturb another soul's peace and harmony. Also, remember no matter what kind of action you take, it always comes with its consequences and you have to be responsible for it in any reality. What you put out, what you get.

Don’t do something that you don’t want others to do to you.

If you do, you are ONLY hurting your soul and God, because that person is also you, and you are also that person. What I mean by this is that everything is a part of the Great Creator, and we are all one family.

"A man who loves himself will never hurt others, but love them." - Reona Saito

It's Your Turn

Lastly, remember there is no truth to negativity.

It’s a side effect that comes from not believing something as if it’s the truth when it’s NOT.

Therefore, when you believe in bullshit you only make yourself feel bad when you believe it’s real. Negativity is not REAL, but what you believe is very REAL, for you.

Negative thinking will get you nowhere.

You will only resist the movement of your life towards well-being.


Practice expanding your awareness by consciously watching over negative thought patterns. Once you are aware of them, you can start dis-identifying and disbelieving in them. You must also understand that it's a physical process to keep negative patterns from arising until you truly let them go.

To summarize: Don’t be irritated whenever negative thoughts arise.

Stay calm and just observe them through Cinematic Viewing. 

The thought quiets itself alone if you don’t respond anything. 

Any thought can never sustain itself without your attention.

It takes some time, so be persistent and commit to your new positive thinking. 

Remember, when you keep it for a long time, it becomes your subconscious thought pattern.

There you have it. 

I hope this article was helpful. 

Do you have any questions or got tips for dealing with negativity?

Please let me know in the comments!


Reona Saito

Reona Saito

Reona Saito is the Founder of MindsetDev and transformational mentor from Japan. As also a successful marketer, he has helped many companies from startups to Fortune 500 like Microsoft, Samsung, Coca-Cola grow their revenues. Today he is traveling the world and empowering people reach their personal and business goals through the power of mindset and manifestation.
Reona Saito

Reona Saito

Reona Saito is the Founder of MindsetDev and transformational mentor from Japan. As also a successful marketer, he has helped many companies from startups to Fortune 500 like Microsoft, Samsung, Coca-Cola grow their revenues. Today he is traveling the world and empowering people reach their personal and business goals through the power of mindset and manifestation.



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