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Types of content

Our primary goal is to deliver exceptional self-help and spirituality content that helps people achieve their full potential and vision of an extraordinary quality of life. Join us and share your expertise in one or more of these five content types:

1. Spirituality

Practical spiritual advice, tips, and insights that help people achieve their goals and improve their life quality. We’re not looking for deep spiritual contents such as mystic, magic, psychic development and etc.

2. Business & Entrepreneurship

Mindset, growth hacking, leadership, wealth creation, case studies, peak performance, or self reflections on your failures or success. It could be anything as long as it includes actionable steps and tips, with massive value to the audience trying to start a business or scale it.

3. Self Growth

Advice and tips to help people become the best version of themselves by reconnecting with their deepest values and live a richer, more authentic purposeful lives. 

4. Health & Wellbeing

Yoga, exercise, mindfulness, mental health, food, alternative healing, anything related to health and wellbeing that help people achieve vital health and live a conscious lifestyle.

5. Love & Relationships

Advices and tips on finding your soulmate, connecting with your partner and family and create deeper, lasting relationships. 

Submission process

In order for our audience to read the best possible content, we ask everyone to carefully adhere to our editorial guidelines and follow our submission process. Failure to do so will result in an automatic rejection and you will not hear from us.

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