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Most Asked Questions

Here are the answers for the most asked questions. If you still have question or doesn’t resolve your problem, feel free to fill the support form above.

You can listen to our audios on any app or software of your choice as long as it supports MP3. The easiest and quickest way to listen (online/offline) is using SoundCloud app which can be downloaded from App Store. Taccess our private album playlist there, simply unzip the file you downloaded (from > Purchase) first and open the .TXT file inside, then you can get the links.

Another great alternative app to SoundCloud is ‘Melodista‘ music player which is also available on iOS & Android, please refer here for how to import music there. Or you’d like to listen to our music on Apple Music or Spotify app? Check below:

Apple Music: 

For any feature or ‘how to’ kind of questions related to music platform, please kindly refer their developer or customer support as we do not manage these platforms.

Easy peasy. If you are on computer, just double click the file.

On mobile? Go to your File app (or depending which app you downloaded the files to), and tap the zipped file or select ‘uncompress’ from its settings.

If you still don’t know how, please check this tutorial for iOS or Android.

– Please listen at a level you feel comfortable with. Never too loud!
– You can listen with or without headphone, but headphones are recommended.
– For guided meditation audios, 15-30 minutes a day is enough if you do it with focus. I recommend listening before you sleep and after waking up as your subconscious mind is more open for new habits.
– Most importantly, be consistent.

Here are my powerful secret tips:

– Relax and observe if negative thoughts arise. Do not react. Positive only.
– Focus on emotions. How do you feel living that dream life?
– Speak and act as if it’s already yours.
– Know it’s coming! Be sure of it as if your birthday is coming. Everything you want is already happening in energy level, just not materializing yet.
– Detach. Don’t stress over results. Just enjoy your life and stay happy!
– Spend 10 minutes being grateful for things that happened every day.
– Stay hydrated and eat healthy.

If you still need any help with our website or product, please email us to [email protected]¬†with detail and we’ll get back to you within 1-3 business days.