Sept 7, Goodbye Ku

Reona Saito

Good morning!

I gotta be honest with you…

The past few days have been one of the hardest times of my life.

Last Sunday, my dog of 12 years left this world…

For the past few months, his health was deteriorating.

I noticed he was getting weaker, sleeping more, eating less and less. I knew his time was coming to an end soon (he had a heart problem since he was born), but I was NOT ready for him to leave so suddenly.

I thought we had a few months left at least.

His name was Kū (‘空’ in Japanese, which means ’Sky’).

Such a feisty little Chihuahua he was, full of energy who loved running around and playing with us.

And act like a Pitbull whenever a stranger comes knocking on our door.

A little guardian of the house we all loved.

We adopted him in 2011 from a family who had been affected by the Great Earthquake that hit Japan in the same year.

Since then he’s been with us for almost 12 years and we’ve made a lot of memories together.

Yesterday, we arranged his funeral and cremated him.

It was a beautiful day, with a clear blue sky.

Although, I know he’s still with us in our hearts and energetically, I still miss his physical presence dearly, every minute…

To be honest, I think I wasn’t a great owner.

I didn’t spend enough time with my boy as I was traveling the world for years, back and forth.

I didn’t take him for a walk as much as I should have done because I was very busy with my business, even when I was in Japan.

I was letting my family take care of him mostly.

I felt all the guilt and shame after knowing it was too late to make it up. Typical human.

After the funeral and coming home, I wanted to talk to him one more time to thank him and say sorry..

So I decided to connect with him through meditation and in a deep meditative state, I found him and connected with him.

Although I was feeling a lot of guilt when I was talking to him.

I asked him, “Is there anything you want me to know?”

All I received was nothing but pure bliss. The unconditional love.

Full of happiness and gratitude.

Animals don’t speak our language, so they must talk to you through emotions and visions. Sometimes words.

To my surprise, he didn’t have a tiny bit of anger or regrets. Just pure bliss.

The unconditional love towards us and the life he had.

I couldn’t stop having tears, coming out of nowhere.

I noticed all the guilt and sadness in me, slowly being washed away knowing he’s happy there and doesn’t feel bad.

I believe all animals are innocent and pure, especially dogs.

Unlike us humans, they never judge you for whatever you’ve done in the past or doing.

Dogs will always get excited and welcome you with an open heart whenever they see you or you come home.

Every single time.

They love you unconditionally.

Most humans don’t do that.

What animals do is…

They are always living in the moment and living to the fullest.

Every moment.

They are closer to God (the unconditional love).

They understand it by heart.

Many humans have forgotten that.

I learned many things through him.

But the biggest lessons are:

To be in the present and live fully instead of living in the head.

Through his death, Kū taught me again.

That life is short to be anything else but happy.

That we will never know when our life is up.

We might die tomorrow from a car accident or heart attack.

Who knows.

That’s why you must live your life to the fullest, every moment.

At least try so.

To live a life without any regrets.

If you’re breathing now, with a healthy body.

You are absolutely lucky because not everyone has it.

In this modern age, if you have access to the internet, I believe you can do almost anything and create the life of your dreams.

And that’s what I did.

I’m from a poor family.

I didn’t go to university.

I didn’t have anything or anyone to teach me what I did, but I had the internet which changed my life.

I know a person who can’t even walk but making millions of dollars from his laptop and living his best life.

Nothing is holding you back more than yourself.

I was full of doubts about myself in the past when I wasn’t successful.

But enough was enough.

One day I decided I should be the very LAST person to sabotage myself when the world is full of things that will try to pull me down.

Since then, I’ve manifested many great things.

I created a 7 figure online business at only 22 in just 2 years since starting it and was traveling the world full time (till the pandemic hit) and living my dreams.

I’m planning to start traveling soon as soon as I have more time for myself, as I’m currently very busy with my other projects.

Building, hiring, and so on.

One of them is a very big ambitious project that I hope to truly impact the world with.


The moral of the story.

Stop making excuses.

Stop living in your head.

Be in the present like your loved ones (pets), and start living your life to the fullest.

We don’t know when our life ends.

Find your passion and pursue it.

Spend as much time as you can with your loved ones, while you can.

And enjoy every second of your life.

You’re absolutely lucky no matter what you think.

There are people who lost their loved ones to war, there are parents whose child became cancer.

There are people who lost their eyesight by some bacteria.

They are still living, without complaining.

And if you have the time to sit on your comfortable couch and do nothing while staying depressed over some thoughts in your head…

You are absolutely LUCKY.

It’s a luxury that not everyone can afford on this planet.

I hope you truly know how blessed you actually are.

You have your parents.

You have your dog.

You have arms and legs.

You have a roof over your head.

You have an abundance of food, never having to starve.

You have the Government or people that are willing to support you if you need help.

You are lucky, really.

The fact you are born as a human with a healthy body, instead of some insect, some animal, or born with serious handicaps that would severely limit how you can experience your life…

The fact that you grew up to read this message proves my point, truly.

As a human, we all have the great divine power to create our own reality as we want as the creator of our own universe.

Animals can’t do it. Only we can.

So go get out and make your life a masterpiece.

Be kind.

Cherish your loved ones.

And live your life to the fullest.

That’s what I’ve learned from my time with my boy.

Rest in peace, Ku.

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