Sept 6, I Feel It All Coming Together.

Team MindsetDev

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are doing great.

Please affirm this message:


Be consistent right now.

Keep the visualizations going.

Keep the affirmations going.

Keep being positive about everything.

Every moment counts.

Don’t judge yourself or even judge the timing of everything.

Enter a state of gratitude, celebration, and completion of your manifestations.

Everything is already yours ?

You already are where you once imagined yourself to be.

It’s all unfolding now.

It’s actually happening right now.

The alignment for your vision is taking place, and the connection to the insights that are meant for you are being revealed.

It’s all forming in the unseen and suddenly you find yourself already there.

You might not realize it, but some of the things you spoke into existence a long time ago have come to pass.

Even a goal, vision, or perhaps something you prayed for happened for you.

Sometimes you might be focused on the “next thing” that you could be forgetting that most of what you have asked for, prayed about, or wanted once before has happened.

Plus, you’re already so good at manifesting.

Stand in gratitude and remember how far you’ve come, how much has happened for you, and how supported you are by the all-giving.

Manifesting is also about remembering how blessed you already are.

Bring your energy back to this ?

Bring your mind back to it.

The same way it happened before, it can happen as such or greater.

Let that fill your heart and bring calmness to your mind.

Question for you:

How can you shift your focus from what you are still striving for to recognizing and celebrating the manifestations and blessings that have already come into your life?

Take a moment to reflect on the manifestations that have already materialized in your life and be grateful for how far you have come. Manifesting is a journey of realizing your blessings and potential.

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