Sept 27, I Have The Power.

Team MindsetDev

Good morning!

I trust you’re doing well.

Kindly affirm this message with confidence:


See a version of yourself that has it already:

The healing, the love, the energy, the creativity, the abundance, the peace, the awareness, the insights, the beauty, and the understanding.

Whatever it is that you may choose, your soul hears you.

That version is you right now.

The only thing is that you are stepping into that new state.

Instead of being consumed by what’s happening in your life right now or what the world wants you to believe.

Silence it all through your own perception.

See what you want to come to life.

Bring all of your energy towards it and live in the state of it.

You don’t need to be positive to receive or feel like you have to energetically be ready.

You can be unsure, uncomfortable, and uncertain and it will all still happen.

The truth is, you have to embrace the direction, the vision, and imagine it as it is.

Transmute all energy towards outcomes.

Don’t analyze every feeling or judge what’s good or bad, right or wrong.

Go back to zero point which is non-dual.

This will help you stop separating yourself from your outcomes, experiences, manifestations, people, things, or even thoughts.

It’s all you and you are the one giving power to outcomes.

Don’t feel anxious or overwhelmed by not getting to a destination.

You have the power and sometimes when your potential exposes itself to you, it might be a lot of burst of energy at once which can excite your system.

This usually results in you getting what you want or you slightly being afraid of having that much power to change your life.

Settle down and give yourself the chance to work with this current flowing through you.

It supercharges your ability to see through everything, want better for yourself and accept who you are.

It exposes a deeper love for life.

Be gentle during your greatest evolution.

I say all this to say that we are definitely in a position to alter our entire way of life,

There’s so much hope in that.

Question for you:

What is one small step you can take today to bring your vision closer to reality?

You’re here during a pivotal time.

Don’t be afraid of your own power awakening.

Stand firm.

Stand tall.

Be steady.

You will see it all happen.

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