Sept 21, Miracles Are On Your Way!

Team MindsetDev

Good morning!

I hope you started your day well!

I would love to ask you to affirm this message:


Believe in yourself!

Things you can’t even imagine are being aligned for you. ✨

You don’t even know how it’s going to happen but it will.

There are so many miracles that have already happened in your life that you can’t explain but you have always celebrated when they did happen.

Think of what you’re getting ready to receive in that way too.

It’s all happening for you in unexpected ways but deep down your heart and innermost desires are felt and picked up by the universe.

Your intentions are magnified and all will be aligned for you.

Doubting yourself is a waste of the precious life force you have to be used toward something creative like imagining the best case scenario.

Be very patient with yourself.

You have been doing all that you can.

You have been working on yourself and juggling life.

You have been getting to know yourself and releasing so much of what’s been taking place within.

You have transformed and everything outside of you is aligning to what matches your inner world.

Believe in consecutive wins and constant blessings. Believe in sudden shifts and positive breakthroughs.

Trust that it is happening for you right now. ✨

No matter where you are or what kind of challenge you’re facing, it is still happening to you.

You’re being lifted higher out of the past thinking and past attractions.

You’re getting better so the universe has no choice but to deliver your new signature and way of thinking into your external reality. ??

That’s worth celebrating.

Great gifts are being delivered to you.

Question for you:

What is something great that you received that you have no idea how it went possible?

Hit reply and let me know. ✨

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