Oct 19, Believe It!

Reona Saito

Good morning!

I hope your day is going well.

Please repeat this message to yourself with confidence-


You might not see it yet, you might know it yet, but things are aligning for you. ?

You will find yourself in places that you belong, and you might not even know how.

Look around you, think back to things that have happened to you.

Are you seeing the connections yet.

Carefully assess everything. The synchronicities. The movements. The alignments. The vibration. The energy. The aura.

You will see that so many things are happening and shifting for your sake.

There is so much life within and around you.

You are alive and reading this right now because you are filled with life source. ✨

You are being blessed in different ways you may never truly understand.

You are receiving in limitless ways from the universe, on levels that you may never imagine.

Just see how much the universe supports you.

All of these are gifts to you, perfectly orchestrated by a higher power.

Now, think about the things that belong to you. Your thoughts, desires, actions, intentions, wishes and so much more.

They are working for you. ??

See your dream as a little seed. Nothing you dream of is too big to achieve.

The smallest seeds can produce the most plentiful harvest.

Things are working out for you, believe it as you read.

The vision within you is ready to unravel itself. You just need to have faith that it is done.

You are being guided and protected.

The universe supports you.

You are loved in ways you might not understand.

Let this make you happy. Feel good, feel great.

You are deserving of it. ❤️

Your existence is a gift to this world. You are special.

Remember your gifts, count your blessings.

And you will see that truly things are working out for you.

Question for you:

Can you think back to a time that you thought all hope was lost but the situation still worked out? What happened?

I look forward to reading your experience.

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