Nov 2, New blessings, new path

Reona Saito

Happy Wednesday.

I hope this new month has started on the right foot.

Please, kindly affirm this message:


It’s a new calendar month, and things can only get better.

You have newly recharged energy, improved mental and physical state.

You are going to enjoy growth and abundance in every area of your life. ?

You are going to find more clarity for your purpose.

You will discover a new path, better than the old, to achieving your purpose and desires.

With a new and improved mindset, with new intentions and consistent action, you will achieve so much more than you already have.

Showers of new blessings are falling all around you. Can’t you feel it?

It is happening for you.

Keep speaking great things into existence for your life, and watch them come to reality.

Never forget how powerful your mind is.

The words you say, the thoughts you think carry a lot of power in them.

You are attracting every aspect of your dream life by living it. ✨

You are attracting everything you want by becoming what you ask for.

Blessings are heading towards you. They are coming in streams, all because of you.

You control your happiness. If you are not happy, you do things to make yourself happy.

You are not the same person you were some days ago.

The you reading this message now is a new and improved version of your old yourself.

You are not your past. You are not your mistakes.

Stop telling that old story, recreate yourself. You are a new creature with new abundant blessings.

Remain focused on your goals. Even in moments of difficultly and in the face of challenges, never give up.

No problem or challenge can stop you. You will always rise above it.

Remember that success comes with consistency. You will get better and you will make it. ?

Believe in the power of your mind. Believe that whatever you think, feel, and focus on will manifest for you.

What you are looking for is within you.

Trust the wisdom you receive from the universe and align with your spirit.

You will see how much you will be blessed.

Take responsibility for your life and start focusing your thoughts and words on what you want.

Only you have the power to manifest your greatest dreams.

Remember that the universe wants to send your blessings, so open your mind to receive it. ?

Nothing and no one can get in the way of you and your heavenly blessings.

Just believe and trust in the process.

Everything you deserve and desire is flowing towards you effortlessly.

You blessings are coming. ❤️

Question for you:

What’s something you hope to achieve this month? How are you working towards it?

Let me know in the comments.

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