May 3, Tuesday Affirmation

Reona Saito


My mind is the first to enter the state.   

What I envision, hold as truth, and feel deeply within myself is reflected in reality.   

This is why I prefer to imagine myself living in peace while doing what I enjoy.   

I’m a strong person. I am capable. I’m overflowing with knowledge to share, create, and express.   

Every action I take reflects the pinnacle of what is possible.   

I’m confident that everything will fall into place for me.   

It gives me a very happy sensation.   

I sense a powerful force pushing us to express our ideas and manifest the reality we desire. Manifesting is at an ultimate high.   

I believe in the mind’s power. Everything I imagine has the possibility of becoming my reality.   

My visions come to me faster when they are more clear.   

Connecting my feelings to my visions serves as a trigger for receiving what my heart wishes.   

I need to sense it. Before I can see it, I have to believe it.   

Everything around me, I know, began with a single thought.   

I have faith in the process since I am aware that the law of gestation states that everything sown will bear fruit. I’m starting to pay more attention to how my mind operates.   

There is a tremendous amount of power within each of us, and the only way to access it is to embark on an inner journey.   

You are not your past faults, shortcomings, or anything else that makes you feel bad.   

To feel at ease, raise your vibration and improve your energy.   

The suffering and misunderstanding emerge from our forgetting who we truly are.   

We’re powerful magical creatures.   

Our imaginations, thoughts, and the way we manifest our visions are enough to know and believe that you are much more than you believe. You must be dedicated to learning about yourself and how to heal, open, and access your heart.   

Our burdens are a figment of our imagination. We keep them real because we keep repeating them in our heads.   

We continue to tell ourselves and others the same story.   

The more we think about it, the more we feel about it, the more we see it in our everyday lives.   

Now is the moment to let go.  Believe that what you imagine will become a reality. ?✨

– Reona

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