May 3, Declaring Your Turning Point.

Team MindsetDev

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are having a great week.

Please affirm this message with confidence:


It’s time for you to see the results ✨

Your parts are cleared now. All blocks are removed.

You have been doing all the inner work.

You have invested in your ideas, visions, and mindset.

You are ready to receive it now.

You are ready to manifest your dreams right now.

Give power to yourself at this moment.

Feel charged up, electrified, full of life, and completely trusting of what’s next.

Today is your turning point because you have declared power over your life, your situation, your business, your family, your dreams, and your blessings ✨

This is where you claim it as your truth.

We’re no longer living in the distant future hoping one day things might turn around.

Not anymore.

It is only upwards from here for you.

You are going to experience an unstoppable acceleration ⚡

Today is the day. Now is the moment!

Breathe a new breath. This feels different.

This is your time to start receiving.

Your faith is restored 💪

Your mindset sees a whole new world.

One of possibilities. One of potential. One of miracles.

You are everything!

You are so gifted and so special.

You can ask for it. You can instantly receive it!

Let’s get your energy up.

One of gratitude to be exact!

You are full of life. So grateful to even be reading this and feeling joy!

Just as you are. You being you is what life supports.

You are so loved!

You are being guided ✨

Trust your heart and declare this moment as your turning point!

Question for you:

When was the last time you had things turned around in your favor?

How did it make you feel?

Reply and let me know 😊

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