May 17, I Am Moving Forward.

Team MindsetDev

It’s midweek already. Happy Wednesday!

I hope you’re having a great week.

Please affirm this message:


You’re intentionally creating your new life right out of your mind.

You see it already. You know it is happening.

You’re accepting that things are meant to work out for you.

It already was. You believe in yourself.

You know that what you’re imagining is manifesting ?

You’ve been working internally and externally towards this state.

Your physical reality will obey your new state of mind and state of being.

Everything will alter to match this change.

Keep telling yourself that things are going to work out even when you don’t know how.

A positive attitude and optimism will start to change everything that’s happening in your life.

Keep having hope and believing that things will get better ✨

Stop overthinking, worrying, and stressing yourself out.

Everything will be okay!

It might seem like it at the moment when you’re in the midst of everything, but when you let go and feel that sense of inner ease great things will begin to happen for you.

Ease is a state of trust and a powerful way of allowing.

Your faith has to be strong in believing that you can manifest and receive what you want.

All your requests and deep desires have been received by the universe.

Your efforts, your visualizations, and your prayers have been heard ?

You sent the signal out, now you just have to trust and be patient as your blessings begin to flow into your life.

Don’t think about how it will happen, that’s not for you to worry about.

Put it out there and let it happen.

The universe picks up vibrations and those in gratitude, joy, and love for what they want to receive get them.

The grateful get showered in blessings!

Instead of overthinking, align your faith with divine timing and trust that everything that belongs in your life is making its way toward you right now.

Don’t block what’s coming by thinking negatively.

What you want has been on the way, but your worry, doubt, and lack of trust have been slowing down the process.

Start releasing and start receiving ?

You got this!

Question for you:

When was the last time your positive thoughts and beliefs came to reality?

How did it make you feel? Hit reply, and let me know ?

Talk to you soon.

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