June 29, It’s All Happening

Reona Saito

Happy Wednesday,

Here’s today’s affirmation.


The outcome will be worth the process.

You’re in the middle of your manifestation right now.

You know this already so don’t fear the unknown.

Trust yourself. Listen to your intuition!

You will come out on top!

You will be okay.

If you only knew where your current situation is taking you, you would be celebrating and saying thank you.

Every single thing is working in your favor.

Even the things that might disturb your peace are teaching you to come back to your center.

All and any changes you’re experiencing are expanding and refining your spirit to trust more, believe, let go, surrender, and also welcome.

You can forget this when you’re in the moment.

You can forget that you are living what you thought, felt, and spoke into existence.

You might not even realize on a subtle level why things are happening the way they are till you look back and smile to realize you needed that for your evolution.

You needed that for your clarity and peace.

You needed that to reach new heights.

That’s all every situation is.

The point is to keep reminding yourself when you are caught up in the midst of things that everything is working out for you.

Pay attention to the patterns of your life.

Look back to learn and see how the universe brought everything together even if the pieces are still coming together right now.

Pay attention to the divine guidance happening in your favor right now.

Smile about it and breathe.

It’s all okay.

Release the need to overthink and overwhelm yourself with worries.

It’s all okay.

Let this bring you inner peace a clarity right now that creates a positive shift within you. :pray::sparkles:

To live your dreams,


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