June 20, A Gentle Reminder

Reona Saito

Good morning!

Here’s today’s affirmation.


If you’re starting to feel like you deserve more or you want better for yourself then you’re awakening and realizing your true potential.

You can no longer just settle and avoid what’s possible for you.

You’re upgrading on all levels.

Welcome change and be patient with yourself.

Choose any state you like to be in.

Yes, it’s a choice, a mindset, a way of living and being.

Potential means possibilities.

Choose to tap into your potential and pave a new path.

Possibilities exist now. You truly have so much potential.

There’s so much in you that’s waiting to be expressed. Every single thing you’ve experienced or are experiencing serves a great purpose.

Trust the process and the unfoldment.

You might keep getting a reoccurring thought or feeling that you are worthy of so much more. You might even keep receiving signs that it’s time to finally do something about it.

It’s time to finally take the power back by deciding to choose how you want to live your life.

You can’t be afraid anymore.

Fear has kept you stuck for way too long. Now more than ever your potential keeps popping up in your mind.

You keep getting that feeling that there’s more to who you are, what you can do, and all that you can have. That inner glimpse is your spirit communicating with you.

Reminding you that you have unlimited potential.

I know it feels good to see and feel that you can do anything for that moment when you receive that thought.

Now let’s move that state into action. Let’s not be afraid of uncertainty or the unknown.

What comes next is what will transform, change, and alter your life completely.

On the other side of where you now lie all that you can be but you must declare today that you are ready to step it up and step into your highest potential.

Be okay with letting go of what’s familiar that no longer works to what’s possible that will enrich your life.

You know all of this deep down within you. This is just a reminder to you and a confirmation to move forward.

Go right ahead into it.

The answers, guidance, and clarity will show up as we take the risk of venturing off into unfamiliar territories.

Your spirit will guide you. This is a world of great possibilities.

You can renew yourself.

You can renew your mindset.

You can change what you do.

Decide to listen to your spirit. ✨?✨

To make your life a masterpiece,


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