June 13, Everything is Coming Your Way

Reona Saito

Happy Monday ✨


I enter the state through my entire being.

I speak it first. I imagine it. I feel it.

I morph into my desired state by embodying it.

I know it will happen for me.

It starts in my mind first and the action follows.

I’m going to keep speaking great things into existence for my life. I know how powerful my mind is.

I know how power my words and what I believe in are. I’m going to start attracting everything I want, by becoming what I ask for.

Change starts with me.

If I am not happy, I have to do something about it.

I know that I am not my past. I am not my mistakes.

Starting today, I’ll stop telling that old story and recreate myself.

I will remain focused on my goals.

Even if I have a moment of difficulty, I will not give up. I know success comes with consistency. I know that I will make it.

I will get better. No problem or challenge will stop me.

I just have to believe in the power of my mind that what I think, feel, and focus on will manifest for me. What I’m looking for is inside of me.

I’m going to align with my spirit and trust the wisdom I receive. I’m ready to be blessed. I know happiness, love, and peacefulness is an inside job.

I’m going to start taking responsibility for my life. I’ll start switching my thoughts and words to focus on what I want.

I believe that I will manifest my greatest dreams. Nothing or nobody can get it the way of what’s meant for me.

I just have to be patient and trust the process. I just have to allow instead of stressing out. It will all work out for me.

Everything I deserve is flowing towards me easily and effortlessly.

Everything is energy aligning with itself.

I’m being aligned to my greatest purpose.

I’m going to be kind and patient with myself during the process of manifesting my visions.

I believe in myself.

To living your dreams,


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