July 19, I Choose To Be Patient.

Team MindsetDev

It’s Midweek already, Happy Wednesday.

I hope you are having a great week.

Please affirm this message:


Only you understand what it took for you to be where you are.

Always acknowledge how far you’ve come and give yourself credit for evolving, changing, and for making it through.

Your resiliency and consistency are so valuable.

Keep shining so bright ✨

It all starts with you and how you feel about yourself.

Self-love will heal you, empower you, restore you, and open up new worlds within you and all around you.

Self-love is the key to your mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

Every aspect of your life thrives when you love who you are and accept yourself.

It all begins with what you silently and boldly affirm.

No matter what’s happening, give yourself that extra love and care.

You’re transforming, growing, releasing, and becoming more aware.

You’re realizing your worth and what you deserve.

You’re awakening to your own mental powers and it all starts within you!

This realization brings so much potential, hope, and possibilities, but at the same time a rebirth.

You’re shedding so much of your past self and coming out on top.

Step by step. Moment by moment.

It’s all happening in such a divine way ?

Loving yourself is the highest frequency.

Nurture your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Take some time for yourself to get your inner world in order.

Everything external you have already created.

Something new must now emerge.

It’s time for new thoughts, new visions, and new goals.

The old habits or things that haven’t worked aren’t surviving your personal growth.

It’s getting easier to let go of what doesn’t work because you love yourself.

It’s all good too because you’re making peace with it.

You are forgiving yourself!

You are forgiving every situation.

You are free and feeling light allowing the excess to go.

Your mind and heart are feeling lighter.

It’s all okay.

This is the start of your magical journey.

Everything will begin to seem unreal.

You’ll be so glad you decided.

There’s a whole world and many possibilities waiting for you to make that choice.

It’s time ?

Question for you:

How will you nurture self-love and forgiveness in your journey of personal growth? What new possibilities and transformations do you anticipate?

Take a moment today to reflect on areas of your life where self-love and forgiveness can bring new possibilities and transformations.

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