Feb 8, You can!

Reona Saito

Good morning.

Happy Wednesday. I hope you’re doing well.

I kindly ask that you affirm this message:


There’s nothing you’re incapable of doing or achieving.

The future you desire for yourself is not so faraway.

You can manifest everything and anything that you want.

There’s a future version of you that has already manifested everything you currently desire.

That version of you is proud that you were strong enough to make it.

You’re doing amazing, and you will continue to. ?

You are entering a new phase in your life, and you are physically, emotionally and mentally ready for it.

You are ready to grow and get better. You are ready to be the best version of your current self.

One day in the future, you’ll reflect on your past and be grateful to yourself that you didn’t give up.

You’ll be thankful that you kept growing and getting better at being you.

You’ll commend your strength and perseverance, be proud of yourself, and appreciate everything that kept you going.

To get to that point in the future you need to make a choice NOW.

You need to decide within yourself that you will keep pushing no matter the challenges in your way.

Giving up is not an option for you.

Don’t let your current situation render you hopeless. Don’t lose the good faith because of a few challenges. ?

You’ve been at a low point before and you made it through. If not, you wouldn’t be reading this today.

You can do it again.

Don’t get caught up in low moments and forget your strengths.

We’re all going through changes, through a transformative stage where there will be highs and lows.

What really matters is keeping your head up through all of it and keeping up with the change.

Don’t stay stagnant and remain in the old energy. Accept the change, embrace it, grow with it. ❤️

Everything you want out of life first begins with you.

Your experiences determine the kind of person you are, the beliefs you uphold, and the strength of your faith.

You’re about to become the best version of yourself yet, and you need no negative baggage on this journey.

You are done with negativity, drama and overthinking.

Your whole self is gravitating towards people, places and situations that positively influence you.

You’re starting to see your truth. You are going places.

You’re breaking free from negative pressure and habits that once drained you. Your dreams don’t need doubts.

Deep down in your heart, you know you’re destined for greatness.

You’ve got this, keep going. ?

Question for you:

Think back to a time you strongly believed on the power of your mind. What happened then?

Comment and let me know!

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