Dec 7, You’ve got this

Reona Saito

Good morning.

I hope your week has been going great.

Kindly affirm this:


Whatever you are planning on and working towards, you’ve got it.

You will achieve every goal you’ve set out to get.

No matter the circumstances and challenges you face, you’ve got everything all under control. ?

The universe will not hand you a burden bigger than you to carry.

You are doing your best.

You’ve come so far and sometimes you just need to pause for a moment and acknowledge yourself.

Look at everything you’ve overcome. Look at our strong you are. Look at how better you’re doing.

The end of anything is the beginning of something greater.

So don’t lose all hope when a door closes, it is only giving room for a bigger one.

if you spend more time acknowledging how beautiful and magnificent you are, you will get over your fears and stop overthinking what’s next.

What is coming next is greater, and nothing too much for you to handle.

In every moment you’re evolving and growing. ✨

You might experience challenges that feel like a part of you is coming to an end, but it’s for the better.

You’re awakening and realizing so much about yourself.

You are understanding who you really are, your worth, and what you deserve.

Growth does not happen by avoiding everything, but rather by not allowing yourself get defined by anything.

Your transformation phase may feel heavy and uncomfortable, but it’s needed.

It is happening, so what now?

Smile about it, be happy that you’re evolving. It means you’re getting better at being you.

Release the need to control everything, familiarity breeds repetition and that can feel comfortable.

But remember not to settle in your comfort zone.

Your goals won’t come to you if you don’t get up and step out.

Don’t be afraid to step outside, don’t let the fear of failure or the unknown stop you from reaching your dreams.

Any obstacle that comes your way is not too big for you to overcome.

Every hurdle in your path is not too high for you to step over.

You are strong and resilient. You have power that no one else does. ?

Magnificent, powerful, gifted, special, magical— these are the kind of words that describe you.

You are loved, you are whole, you are complete just as you are.

Your joy is yours forever and it cannot be taken away from you.

As you realize this, your life gets more joyful. Happiness flows in from different streams.

Nothing can tame you or stop you.

You’ve got this. ?

Question for you:

Have you ever been in a situation you thought you couldn’t handle? How did you eventually handle it?

Tell me all about it in the comment section.

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