Dec 21, Your path is blessed

Reona Saito

An amazing morning to you.

I hope you’re doing good.

I would love for you to affirm this message:


No matter bad the situation is or how things might appear, remain positive.

So much good is underway for you. ?

Do you feel it?

Your positivity will give you the strength to go on, the will to continue.

Look beyond the challenges and the difficulties, everything will be okay.

Very soon, you will look back at these times with a smile on your face, thankful that you didn’t give up

You will see that every sweat and pain was worth it.

Your efforts will not go unrewarded.

Everything is going according to your divine intention and timing.

Just be patient with yourself and the universe.

The process is in your favor and it will unfold magically. ✨

Just wait it out.

You might notice many changes happening around you.

You might feel everything coming together in your favor, you might also feel like things are out of place.

Whatever it is, whatever you feel, you need to trust in the universe.

Trust the process because everything planted is in a state of growth.

You will receive everything that is naturally yours, just accept who you are.

You are being energized in every way.

Spiritually, mentally, physically, financially and emotionally, you are enjoying elevation.

Your light is glowing brighter and it is radiating all around you. ?

You are remembering to love yourself, trust yourself and be yourself.

You are living your truth and you are unashamed about it.

You are empowered and free from any thought that tries to limit you.

Your wings cannot be clipped because you were made to fly, to soar.

You are awakening to your divine state, and it is filled with love and blessings.

The universe cares about you. It works and moves in your favor.

Believe and accept that miracles are happening for you.

Trust your heart and love yourself. ❤️

You are extremely blessed.

Question for you:

Think of a time you a situation worked out unexpectedly, how did it make you feel?

Can’t wait to read your comment.

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