Dec 14, Better and Greater

Reona Saito

Good morning.

I hope your Wednesday goes fantastic!

Here’s a powerful affirmation for you today. ?


Imagine you have a different, much better story.

Picture yourself sharing your success as a source of hope and inspiration to others.

So many people will be inspired by how much you have grown and taken control of your life. ✨

You will be so proud of yourself that you finally did something.

You trusted in the miracles of the universe, and you didn’t regret it.

You have surrendered to the higher power of the universe and the results have been great.

You have discovered the power of your words not by reading about it alone but because you see the results.

You are a believer now.

You can’t even explain how it all suddenly happened in such unexpected ways.

You are filled with an overwhelming amount of joy and excitement.

You feel so lifted, so inspired.

Everything seems like a movie. ✨?

You look back and watch how those moments you thought were final were only a phase.

A short phase in the grand scheme of things.

This expands your heart and mind even more bringing you a greater peace and deep gratitude for everything.

Miracles are normal. It’s a constant in your life.

Your existence is miraculous. ?✨

The fine details of everything dancing in sync.

No error. Order in everything. Meaning in everything. A lesson.

Remember, whatever challenge or obstacle you might be facing, it’s only a phase.

But you can write and change your story.

Change it and alter it as much as you want. It’s never final.

As long as there is life within you, you write the course of your life.

Let that bring you ease and reassurance.

Let that lift you so high you remember your divine truth. You are very special. ❤️

Question for you:

What new story do you want to write for yourself? What steps are you taking towards making it a reality?

Comment and tell me all about it.

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