Aug 30, I Am Receiving.

Team MindsetDev

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are doing great.

Kindly affirm this message with confidence:


You have no idea how much is currently working for you in places you currently can’t see.

So much is working for you in the unseen that will soon manifest.

Every thought, every action, every feeling, and every intention is a powerful force accumulating for you and building up a world of experiences getting ready to manifest.

It is the law.

Focus and consistency must produce.

This is just how it is and your consistency to believe in yourself, to invest in yourself, to trust yourself will now start to show up.

The blessings must make themselves apparent because it is the law.

It is a universal truth ✡

We receive what we consistently think and do.

We are constantly making an energy investment in thought, action, and intentions.

It’s all going to pay off in a major way soon.

It’s already working for you.

Don’t be confined by what you see as evidence right now.

Be empowered by your vision as you are building daily a world that will reveal itself to you through unexpected opportunities, alignments, sudden connections, and automatic shifts that might initially not make sense, but you’ll look back and remember you asked for that.

So be willing for anything new ✨

Be willing to flow in chance encounters and unexpected invitations.

Be willing to be guided but be bold in what you ask for and what you believe will happen for you.

It’s time to start claiming and being consistent in all ways.

Your life is about to experience a positive shift and every blessing associated with your energy field will locate you.

Be ready and be excited!

Start smiling and start celebrating.

Life is happening now for you ?

Question for you:

How can you shift your focus from what you currently see as evidence to the unseen forces that are working in your favor?

Take a moment today to embrace the belief that powerful forces are at work behind the scenes, aligning the unseen to manifest blessings in your life.

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