Aug 17, Your Story Will Always Be Amazing

Reona Saito

Good morning!

Hoping that you’re doing well today! And I have a question for you:

What inspires you more?⁣⁣

  1. Someone who inherited their family resources and lived the life of their dreams?⁣⁣
  2. Someone raised in an orphanage that created an enterprise that allowed them to live the life of their dreams?⁣⁣

Most will choose the second one.

People tend to be more inspired by those who have overcome significant challenges and have turned their burdens into blessings. It’s the journey that inspires, not necessarily the result.⁣⁣

Our struggles may not be of the same magnitude, but we all go through difficult times.

Even someone who has inherited their family success and gets to live a financially free life faces resistance.

That’s why when people reach a level of success that they’re proud of, they talk about the obstacles they faced.

This usually makes you think that to be successful, you have to go through some crazy life experience(s), or that the storytellers are merely exaggerating.

However, most people want to remind you that we all face adversity, and we all have the power to overcome these challenges when we act with faith.⁣⁣

What’s amazing is that people aren’t just inspired by how you overcome challenges in your business/career or major tragedies; they’re also inspired by how you handle your emotions and thoughts.

It’s incredibly inspiring to see someone transform from a state of depression to sustainable and organic joy.

We continue to face uncomfortable feelings and overbearing thoughts, so it’s encouraging when you hear about someone who’s been able to respond to them effectively and attain ongoing peace of mind.⁣⁣

No matter what you’re going through right now, remember that your story is going to inspire others one day. ✨❤️?

Although you might be facing wave after wave of emotional pain, don’t give up. ?

If you’re feeling lost about what you need to do to see better days, keep your faith in the direction of your dreams.

You’re going to survive, and you’re going to thrive.⁣⁣

Another question for you:

After reading this message, what is something about your story that you should be proud of?

Hit reply and let me know.✨

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