A day full of light

Aug 10, You’re Shining Brighter Than Ever

Reona Saito

Good morning!

Hoping that you’re doing well today!


Your energy will be MULTIPLIED. ✨?

No matter what happened or has happened it doesn’t change the fact that your spirit is bright, that your heart is felt in its own frequency.

One moment doesn’t define the scope or the direction you’re headed, the moments that lead you to it all was bringing you back to yourself so you can remember the essence of your spirit.

The resiliency of your soul, the strength you called upon in the times you really needed it, and the glimpse of hope you continued to carry with you.

This all reflects that. It shows the beauty of your heart.

Not the ups or downs alone can identify the unexplainable grandness of your light.

This is why the good in your heart represents the state that’s not defined by shortcomings or circumstances, but by the unwavering faith you still hold.

Deep down you just know there’s more to who you are and what it all is.

This realization begins with remembering and discovering that your essence will prevail.

Your spirit will shine and your return will represent your innate truth.

Hold on dearly to hope, faith, and the love that’s within you.

Question for you:

Have you overcome a huge challenge that you thought that is impossible at first? then how did you make it through?

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