Apr 3, Peace Begins With You

Team MindsetDev

Happy Monday, and Happy New Month to you ?

I hope you’re doing fantastic and ready for the week ahead.

Please recite this powerful affirmation to start off your new month with me:


Take a moment to yourself.

Breathe deeply.

Contemplate the affirmation.

Do you often feel like you are undeserving of a calm, meaningful life?

Are you often stuck with thoughts and feelings that negatively impact the way you interact with your life?

Do you feel like your current reality is one that does not allow for calmness and peace?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, I have some news for you!

Believe me when I tell you that you do not need to wait around for your circumstances to change before you begin living as they have.

Step out of the waiting game!

You do not need to hold back from claiming any blessings, peace, joy, happiness, and calmness over your life ?

You deserve the good things even now.

The day you believe that you are worthy of these things is the day they will begin to manifest for you.

Nothing is permanent.

Your current reality is not eternal.

It is subject to change through your conscious mind.

You have the power to reshape your life.

Too many times, we allow ourselves to be influenced negatively by what we see on the inside.

We grant negative, limiting beliefs and habits the power to take the reign.

It is time to rise above.

You have the power to banish anything that attempts to exert any negative influence over your mind.

Do not allow yourself to marinate in anything that’s not uplifting and expanding your mind.

It is time to move away from these limiting beliefs and habits.

No matter where you are.

No matter your current reality.

No matter the phase of your journey you are on.

You deserve more.

Claim peace today.

You are filled with calmness.

You are centered.

You are grounded.

You are empowered.

You are stepping into a higher consciousness.

You are creating your most meaningful reality through your conscious mind.

You are made for more.

Reclaim the vision you have of your life and execute it by empowering your mind to rise above the present ?

Affirm with me once more:


We believe that you do.

You should too.

Have an amazing week ahead.

Talk to you soon ?

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