8 Reminders About Self-Love

Reona Saito

1. Self-love isn’t always this fluffy, soft, flowy way of living. Sometimes, self-love shows up as the voice in your head that says “Now you know got damn well….”.

2. Self-love shows up as a willingness to distance yourself from anyone who repeatedly violates your boundaries, diminishes your worth, or disrespects your passions.

3. Self-love shows up as a refusal to shrink yourself.

4. Self-love shows up as a willingness to be selective with the way that you spend your time, attention, and energy.

5. Sometimes self-love shows up as a willingness to set higher standards for yourself, even when everyone else is satisfied with “good enough”.

6. Self-love shows up as a willingness to have hard conversations that will sustain the relationships you care about.

7. Self-love shows up as self-accountability.

8. Sometimes self-love shows up as the willingness to release people who have no interest in learning how to love you. 

Here’s the thing… 

This world might be draining and traumatic, but you deserve better. You deserve to be loved in the languages that speak to your heart, and that begins with how you treat yourself. You are the first line of protection for yourself.   

You are the director of your life’s film.   

You’ll never hear someone else’s voice more than you do your own.  

You lay the foundations for a healthy and happy life when you commit to accepting every aspect of yourself, determine that you are worthy of love, and choose to nurture your well-being. The way that you love yourself doesn’t have to look like the viral self-care tik-toks on your feed.   

The way that you pour into yourself doesn’t have to impress other people.   

We can all love ourselves differently, based on who we are as individual people. To be clear: I’m not talking about the easily digestible, aesthetically pleasing version of self-love.   

I’m not talking about unconditional selfishness. I’m not talking about running away from all of your problems. I’m talking about the type of love that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and towards your purpose.   

I’m talking about the type of self-love that pulls you towards self-actualization and deep-rooted joy.   

I’m talking about the type of self-love that fills you up and allows you to pour into the people around you without living in a long term, never-ending relationship with exhaustion.   

I want you to show this kind of love to yourself.   

Question: what does unconditional self-love look like for you on a daily basis? 

Hit reply and let me know what would it look like. ?

– Reona

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