5 Things I Stopped Forcing Myself to Do

Reona Saito

Reminder for the week: 

You do not have to force what is for you.

Walk away from things that make you feel like you need to force them into fruition.

We make room for peace and ease in our lives when we stop trying to make things for us that are not for us.

It took me a while to learn this…

But when I finally stopped forcing my life, everything started working out.

Here’re 5 things I stopped forcing myself to do in my life:

1. I stopped trying to force people to change because I wanted them to.It is not my job to push anything on anyone. My job is to meet people where they are. And if I can’t, my job is to excuse myself.

2. I stopped trying to force people to love me. do not want or need a love that is coerced or manipulated into being. I do not have to shrink myself to be loved. I do not want a love that tolerates me. I want a love thatauthentically welcomes me.

3. I stopped trying to force people to heal and become the best versions of themselves. Just because I’m doing my healing doesn’t mean everyone around me needs to, wants to, or is ready to do theirs. People will tend to their soul work when they are ready, and that is okay. The best version of themselves may be exactly where they are today.

4. I stopped trying to force myself to “get over” things. I don’t have to bypass my feelings because it’s been “long enough.” I am honoring myself and process by healing at my own pace, revisiting things whenneeded, and not rushing to get to the other side.

5. I stopped trying to force myself to reconnect with people I no longer have a connection with. I do not have to go back to relationships that have phased out or run their course. I am not bad or wrong for not reconnecting with an old friend or estranged family member. I am honoring my boundaries by not backtracking because I want to be liked. Sometimes the kindest thing we can do is disconnect and leave things as they are.

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