June 10, 3 Things I Stopped Doing

Reona Saito

Good morning!

Today, I want to talk about 3 things I stopped doing.

1. I stopped breaking for people who didn’t even consider bending for me.

One-sided relationships kept me in cycles of self-abandonment and disappointment. The approval and love of others became more valuable than my self-worth.

Breaking that habit helped me set healthier boundaries, stop people-pleasing, and begin loving myself, not just through words but also actions.

2. I stopped sticking around in unhealthy relationships with hopes that people would change.

Some folks are who they are okay and have no ideas of changing.

And that’s okay.

However, staying connected to people stuck in the cycles that I was trying to break held me back and stunted my growth.

Self-love looked like giving myself permission to let go, wish them well, and continue on my journey.

3. Stopped waiting for approval from others to create the life I wanted. 

Being insecure about my capabilities and dreams left me constantly seeking external. Seeking validation from people-even those I knew didn’t see my vision or want the best for me.

Things started to change when stopped being too scared to turn inward.

Self-validation teaches me that I can love and trust myself and stand in my power.

Self-love is a daily practice.

It’s not always neat. It’s not always easy.

But we are all learning at our own pace.

Curious, what have you stopped doing to gain self-love recently?

Hit comment and let me know.

That’s it from me for this week.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 💜

To making your life a masterpiece,


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