Miracle Manifestation – Album


Manifest your heart’s desires in just 15 minutes a day with Miracle Manifestation. 7 transformative guided meditation audios designed to take you on a magical journey. Realign yourself with your desired vibration and make your dreams a reality.

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  • Beautifully align your mind with your desires, so everything you want in life manifests more quickly, smoothly, and easily.
  • Replace those deeply ingrained negative patterns with new positive beliefs that support you. Be calmer, lighter, and happier.
  • Return to your inner voice and let intuition show you the way. Realign with your unique path and live a life of authenticity.
  • Break the shackles of your disempowering money beliefs.¬†Experience the success and wealth you truly deserve.

Tracks Included:

  1. Deep Sleep (13:06)
  2. Limitless Prosperity (15:35)
  3. Rapid Weight Loss (14:48)
  4. Transcendental Healing (16:36)
  5. True Love (17:46)
  6. Unconditional Self-Love (13:42)
  7. Unlimited Abundance (14:18)

Over 1.5 hours of transformative guided meditations. Made with love by our meditation teachers.

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