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Powerful guided meditations designed to rewire your subconscious mind. Eliminate limiting beliefs, and manifest whatever you want into your life. 7 transformative guided meditation audios designed to take you on a magical 15-minute journey. Realign yourself with your desired vibration and make your dreams a reality.

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What you will experience with Miracle Manifestation:

Boosted Manifestation​

Beautifully align your mind with your desires, so everything you want in life manifests more quickly, smoothly, and easily.​

Crystal Clear Intuition​​

Return to your inner voice and let intuition show you the way. Realign with your unique path and live a life of authenticity.​

Boosted Manifestation​

Replace those deeply ingrained negative patterns with new positive beliefs that support you. Be calmer, lighter, and happier.​

Abundant Mindset​​

Break the shackles of your disempowering money beliefs. Experience the success and wealth you truly deserve.​

We offer 7 day risk-free money back guarantee.

1. Deep Sleep

Use this quick guided meditation to bring an end to your sleepless nights and restless mind, as it puts your mind into a deep relaxed state. Sleep longer and better with this serene relaxation.

2. Limitless Prosperity

Listen to this powerful guided meditation to free your subconscious mind from negative money beliefs. This allows you to cultivate the wealthy mindset and activate natural magnetism for enjoying the opulent lifestyle.

3. Rapid Weight Loss

Lose weight easily and naturally as you reprogram healthier diet habits with positive suggestions designed to speak directly to your subconscious mind. This allows you to become the healthier, fitter, vibrant and more energized version of your authentic self.

4. Transcendental Healing

Stress is often deeply ingrained in your bodily system. Use this guided meditation to powerfully heal your mind-body-spirit, as it allows you to surrender your emotional traumas, physical tensions in the body, and melt away unwanted stresses or worries in the mind.

5. True Love

This guided meditation will take you on a heart centered journey that will attract the love and connection you have been waiting for. If you are already in a relationship, you can use this meditation to improve your connection with your partner.

6. Unconditional Self-Love

Love is the solution for everything. Listen to this powerful guided meditation to code in a deep sense of unconditional self-love and self-acceptance into your subconscious mind, so that you can feel confident in who you are.

7. Unlimited Abundance

Shift from a scarcity based mindset to an abundance mindset with this powerful meditation. This fills your heart with gratitude and connects you with the unlimited abundance of the universe, so you can attract wealth, love, health, and happiness into your life.

Listen. Meditate. Transform.

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I listened to this music for a week and today I passed the national lawyer license exam. It is a very difficult exam in Taiwan. I was not confident in myself at all. However, I won it anyway. Deeply appreciated for this meditation.
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Wow! It's been almost 1 month since I started listening to Miracle Manifestation and I now live in a beautiful universe where everything is happening through me… I am receiving breakthroughs, blessings, and amazing opportunities are happening to me.
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The morning after leaving this playing while I slept I woke to a call from an agency to advise they had created another position for me after telling me I had been unsuccessful at the previous interview. I have been out of work for 2 years and the pay is 4 times what I am used to earning. I start my new role tomorrow. Thank you!!
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This absolutely works!! I did this for one night and got the equivalent of €800 worth of food. It also helped solve a work problem I've been having! Listening to again to work some miracles on my dad's health :)

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Frequent Asked Questions

Unlike other guided meditations, our audio recordings use a brand new, cutting-edge approach called ‘Quantum Mind Programming’ (QMP) which rewires your subconscious and transmutes your goals and dreams into reality.
QMP embodies all the benefits of mindfulness meditation such as stress reduction, increased energy, focus, and creativity, but it also offers another level of transformation. QMP combines two of the world’s most powerful self-improvement tools. Firstly, it uses Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s transcendental meditation technique which is proven by hundreds of scientists to improve your wellbeing.
Beatles and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
The Beatles learning Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Secondly, we use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to modify your internal mental maps. The effectiveness of NLP has been proven by various studies and is used by some of the world’s most successful people (the likes of Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, and etc).
Miracle Manifestation initially puts you in an open minded, focused state that prepares you for installing a new mindset and habits. NLP then kicks in and works its magic on your subconscious mind. At this point, your negative thoughts are rewired and replaced with new, empowering belief systems. Quickly, manifesting your dreams becomes possible. It is this combination of techniques that makes Miracle Manifestation system truly unique and powerful in their approach.
Miracle Manifestation recordings are for anyone looking to upgrade their mindset and life. You may have been on the personal development journey for a while but have struggled to see tangible change in your life. These recordings are for you if you desire to see and feel actual transformation in all aspects of your life.
Straight after your purchase, you will immediately receive an email with a unique login credential. This may take up to 5 minutes depending on your internet connection. You can then log into your member dashboard where you will be able to access all the products you have purchased on our website. You may also find some extra treats as we often supply our paying customers with exclusive, free-of-charge content for their loyalty.

Manifestation is unique to everyone’s experience, so it is hard for us to promise anything. Depending on your unique needs and your levels of resistance for example, there are many personal factors that may inhibit your ability to manifest.

We are however absolutely confident that every individual has the capacity to see incredible manifestation results with our specially designed content. Our short recordings (less than 15 minutes) make our program super easy and accessible for those of you who lead busy lives. Simply pop the recordings on when you wake up, or before you go to sleep and they will quickly become part of your daily routine.

By listening to them at least once a day for 21 consecutive days, I am certain you will witness positive changes in your life. In most cases it won’t even take this long to see results. Within days you may begin to feel powerful shifts in your life!

It is simple. All you need to use our products is a computer, a tablet or smart phone that allows you to play MP3 files. Our recordings are compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows operating systems.

Though it is not a necessity, we highly recommend you use headphones to listen to the recordings as it will maximize results and effectiveness. Find a quiet corner, put your headphones in and hit play. Let the recordings do the rest of the work.

Don’t worry! Remember, there’s no risk in trying out our product. It’s backed by unconditional 7-Day Money Back Guarantee (since the date you purchased). You don’t like our product? Simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll refund you, no question asked. So get them now and let’s get you on the path to manifesting your wildest dreams.

We offer 7 day risk-free money back guarantee.