Healthy, Wealthy, Wise – Affirmation Wallpaper (V1)


Rock your phone, tablet and desktop with our Healthy, Wealthy, Wise – Affirmation Wallpaper!

Inspired by @naval’s legendary tweet. We’ve designed these 4 sets of wallpapers with one purpose, to empower you to create the life of your dreams.

Our environment shapes our mind and behavior. We live in a digital age where we are exposed to many different energies all day. From social media, the news to other people. Often negativity creeps in unnoticed and upsets your sacred energy. Having the right digital space has never been more important than now (studies show we spend nearly 5000 hours looking at screens a year). Our inspiring wallpaper help you stay laser focused on what’s really important and reprogram your mind to achieve your goals.


  • 1x ZIP file (206mb)
  • 4 sets of wallpaper designs for mobile, tablet, desktop and prints
  • Total 20x high-resolution backgrounds PNGs
  • 4x PDFs for prints
  • Supports all phone, tablet, desktop screens
  • Instant download