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It’s all happening for you in unexpected ways but deep down your heart and innermost desires are felt and picked up by the universe....
You are officially in the flow when you declare that you believe in sudden breakthroughs and out-of-the-blue blessings....
You are making a lot of improvements whether it’s mental, physical, or spiritual....
Everyone desires change, but to become better you have to start doing the "self-work" which is owning your life....
Everything I deserve is flowing towards me easily and effortlessly!...

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By Reona Saito  ·  Thousands of subscribers

Your words bring much positivity and even tears to my eyes at times. Thank you again for the email.
Paula N
I loved this email. I cried. I soooo needed it! Thank you!!! 🙏🏼💜✨
Melinda C
I love your emails Reona. They are beautiful and so many of them have arrived EXACTLY when I needed them.. Thank you!
Matthew M