Thank you for applying!

I have good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is… unfortunately, due to its demand and limited coaching spot I offer annually, we can’t promise that we will work together.

I believe in commitment. You are either ALL IN with us or NOT.

The good news is if we were to work together, you can bet I will 100% give my best to guide you to the the destination of where you want to be.

And I expect that from you.

But the truth is, most people aren’t ready.

We make sure we only work with people who’s really committed to working for their vision of success. 

For that reason, I only take a few long term clients every year. 

This is also to ensure my coaching service stay very high level.

Me and my team will go through your application and you’ll hear from me via email within a week if you’re qualified for my long term coaching.

So please watch out for your inbox.

If you didn’t receive email from us even after a week, unfortunately it means you didn’t qualify for my long term coaching.

But I believe people change. So does life. 

Even if you didn’t qualify, please feel free to apply again for my coaching when you feel ready and if that’s still what you want.

Besides the long term coaching programs, I also offer short term coaching plans such as coaching call and 1-week coaching program which don’t require qualification and are also affordable for most people.

Here’s the link to our short term coaching programs…

To your success,