Custom Subliminal


What is subliminal message?

Subliminals are music with hidden affirmations under it, the affirmations under the music are hidden (with very low volume), so your rational mind will not block to accept positive affirmations. Subliminal can go to your subconscious mind, the subconscious mind believes and controls everything you can’t do consciously. Your heartbeat, digestive system etc. The subconscious mind is a tape recorder it records everything in your life, as true since you were a child. What the affirmations do are very simple to understand. Your feeding your subconscious with affirmations (present tense sentences) the subconscious again thinks everything is true, so if you feed it sentences like “I love my small nose” it takes it as true. Overtime through repetition and repetition it will change to that belief because the subconscious controls everything in your body. And it will start to effect the physical/reality, because your reality is made of beliefs you believe most strongly. Many also believe the subconscious is more powerful. As a fact, our subconscious is 10000x times powerful than our conscious according to Neuroscientists. Although, at this level there are so many things we don’t know about our subconscious mind and still learning and discovering about it.

However, the power of the subconscious mind and how it affects our body and reality has already been demonstrated by people like Dr. Bruce Lipton (the Author of “The Biology of Beliefs”) and actual existing medical cases from individuals with MPD “multiple personalities disorder”. For instance, they can have different handwriting, using left hand or right hand depending on the personality they alter into. Even their vision changes, there’s a German woman who is blind in one personality and when she switches to another personality she sees clearly. Even illnesses and disease change in some individuals with multiple personalities disorder, in one personality they have a disease when they switch to another personality their disease is gone. The same with allergies and many other symptom change to accommodate other switches of personalities to match the identity. This happens in real instantaneous time without any gaps. While we can’t say how this exactly works, but it proves that our beliefs shapes our body and reality. And the best and the easiest way to reprogram your beliefs are through our custom subliminal audios which is made with our special in-house formula that gets incredibly high success rate for giving you results. Order today.