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Explore some of the best courses on personal development and spirituality on the planet.


by Vishen Lakhiani

In just minutes a day, you can improve your mental and emotional wellbeing with the incredible binaural beats meditation technology by OmHarmonics. With this unique brainwave technology, you'll experience amazing effects — better health, free-flowing creativity, and magnetic attraction to success — all by sitting back, putting on headphones, and letting the technology work for you. OmHarmonics will drastically improve your meditation experience, thus improving all areas of your life.

Uncompromised Life

by Marisa Peer

Create lightning-fast progress towards your wildest dreams through the miraculous power of transformational hypnotherapy with Britain's #1 BEST hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer. Eliminate your deepest limiting beliefs and fears through guided hypnotherapy — so you can perform like the world's happiest super-achievers, make success a daily habit, and experience an unshakeable sense of confidence — with no effort or struggle on your part. Your breakthrough transformation is within this 8-week course.

Unlimited Abundance

by Christie Marie Sheldon

Heighten your financial, emotional, and spiritual abundance with effective energy clearing techniques taught by Christie Marie Sheldon in her highly acclaimed Unlimited Abundance program. By eliminating your stubborn abundance blocks, you'll increase the flow of love, prosperity, and wealth into your life... almost effortlessly. With 24 energy clearing sessions to assist in ridding each of your 24 abundance blocks, you can be sure you'll manifest the life of affluence you've always desired.


by Jeffery Allen

Discover your unique energetic blueprint and experience financial, emotional, and spiritual abundance through the wisdom of energy healing with Duality by Jeffrey Allen. By removing your hidden, subconscious energy blocks, you'll feel happier, magnetize amazing relationships, and feel a deep connection with your all-knowing intuition. Diving into the world of energy with this 8-module energy healing course, you'll finally live the life you were born to live and see your real essence.

Becoming Limitless

by Vishen Lahkiani

Ascend to the next stage in your conscious evolution so you can become truly limitless and bend reality to your will — all by instilling the powerful framework created by Vishen Lakhiani. When you embark on this mind-blowing program, you'll experience your biggest goals come true, gain clarity in your mission, and live life in a very powerful way. This 8-module course — infused with years of experimentation, research, and wisdom — will give you limitless courage to manifest your dream life.

Spiritual Laws Of Money

by T Harv Eker

Experience substantial financial abundance — by learning the exact mindset strategies, systems, and beliefs — and fine-tune your mental "money blueprint" so you can become a spiritual millionaire. By diving into this jam-packed, 8-module course created by T Harv Eker, you'll eliminate your limiting money blocks, gain clarity on your life's purpose, and learn practical ways to skyrocket your income. If you've been dying for a way to be spiritual (and really rich), then here's your answer.

Become a Modern Master

by Deborah King

In this course Deborah King teaches you how it’s easy for anyone to re-activate their spiritual gifts, maintain a balanced energy field with no stress, stay in touch with your emotions, monitor your chakras and clear your blockages. Sutras are sacred threads that when woven together raise vibrations and open the doors to higher consciousness. They hold they key to supernatural powers such as telepathy, time travel, levitation and super-sensory perception.

Tune In

by Sonia Choqutte

Discover how to tap into the hidden powers of your intuition — so you can improve any and all areas of your life — with Sonia Choquette's flagship course, Tune In. With the easy step-by-step formula and personal guided journeys, you will enjoy deeper relationships, free-flowing creativity, and live authentically in your purpose. Obliterate any crippling fears of pleasing people or thinking too much and harness the intuitive powers that already exist within you; life will begin to flow with ease.

Tantra Touch

by Psalm Isadora

Tantra is a 5,000-year-old practice of love-making that uses various mind-body-energy practices to solidify the connection and intimacy between partners which often leads to intense and enlightening multiple orgasms. It helps us transcend what our past experiences, society, culture and religions have conditioned us to believe sex and relationships are. And just breaking this one limitation can have highly transformational ripple effects on every other aspect of your life.