Your Manifestation Block is…


From: Reona Saito
Date: July 16, 2024
Dear Friend,

Your lack of trust in the universe (or yourself) is preventing you from manifesting your dreams.

The number 1 rule of the Law of attraction is:


I know things may have happened in your life that have led you to doubt the power of the universe.

But understand that whether it got manifested or not, you still manifested that reality.

If it’s not happening now, maybe it’s you blocking it, or there’re higher reasons.

Trust me, everything is working in your favor even you may not be able to see that way.

Your higher-self always knows what’s best for you.

So, it’s time for you to let go of fear and start trusting!

Problems caused by lack of trust:

What I need you to start doing is trusting the rhythm of life. 

When you’re manifesting imagine HOW YOU’D FEEL if that thing came true. 

It is this energetic match that will inform the universe of your intention, and gifts will start flowing your way.

Friend, now’s your time to take action and start making differences in your world.

Tips to trust yourself & the universe:

Affirmations to trust yourself & the universe:

Doing these tips and affirmations will definitely help you.

But what if I told you there’s a much better, easier, and faster way to manifest your dreams?

The key to your transformation

Look, it’s not always easy to trust yourself and the universe.

Picture this:

You are in the middle of manifesting new customers for your business, but doubt creeps in and you become cynical of the power of manifestation. 

A manifestation you were so close to having will be blocked and your business will suffer because of it.

At the start of my journey, this happened to me. 

I kept doubting my power and my business failed to grow.

But that’s when I tuned into my intuition and discovered the key to my transformation.

I followed the tips above and they helped a little.

… but I’d ALWAYS revert back to my old habits after a few days. 

Then I uncovered the route of the problem.

No, it wasn’t lack of my willpower or even lack of trust so to speak.

It was my destructive subconscious beliefs that were really holding me back.

I was literally HARD WIRED to fail. 

To change my life, I needed to reprogram my mind. 

Easier than done, huh?

Turns out it was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.

Because not only those beliefs were deeply ingrained in my subconscious mind, but also had been a part of my identity for so long.

Rewiring your subconscious mind demands a sheer amount of conscious effort and willpower as it requires you to be ‘persistent’ with a new pattern for a long period of time.

I’m talking about months or even years.

After years of researching, testing and experimenting with my own life, I discovered a breakthrough method to rewire my beliefs that significantly saves time and effort.

First, I used it to myself and my life literally transformed

Here I am traveling the world while running a 7 figure business at 22. 

Not to flex, I just want to show you that ANYTHING is possible if you put your mind to and let the Universe work for you.

Because 2 years before these pictures, I was a lost soul with $0 to his name.

After enjoying successes with my own, I taught this method to my friends.

Needless to say, they started getting great results as well.

That’s when I developed my transformative meditation to help more people.

The recordings were designed to eliminate your all manifestation blockages by directly reprogramming your subconscious mind, so you can become a natural magnet to all the good things you desire

Listening to the recordings for just a few minutes a day can rapidly rewire your negative beliefs and propel you forward on your goals. 

You’ll be surprised at how easy and fast your desires start manifesting once you remove those resistances.

My meditation transformed my life and countless others. 

Now I want to share the recordings with you. 

The thing is I wasted years going back and forth without getting much results.

But you don’t have to, because I’ve done all the hard work for you.

Friend, I know your journey towards your dreams has been hard…

No more getting stuck or wasting time trying to figure out.

You owe it yourself to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of being! 

This is your time to take back control and become the architect of your own reality. 

You are worthy.

You truly deserve to live the life of your dreams.

The question is, are you ready to turn your dreams into reality?