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How the Consciousness Shift May Be Affecting You In 2016

We are currently in the great transformational age which is happening with the whole planet level, where the vibration of Earth is becoming more and more positive − the positive energy exceeded the negative energy slightly for the very first time in 2012. It was a critical mass in terms of vibration.

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Yes, Earth has its consciousness too!

If you are having a "WTF" moment... read this article first and then come back here, okay? :-)

What You'll Learn in This Article

  • What is Earth's consciousness shift
  • How the consciousness shift is affecting us & our reality
  • What will be happening in 2016 & the next few years
  • The system of parallel realities & how it may be affecting you
  • Being in the flow with the universe
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Discover How to Love Yourself Even If You’re Struggling to Do So

Do you love yourself? 


I know that's probably a tough question for some of you since you are reading this... But you are not alone.

In this society, it's rather hard to find a person without any insecurities about their own body and loving themselves completely because of the internet and twisted belief systems shared in this world. 

I understand many of you are insecure about your body and struggling to love yourself...

So if you want to change that and love yourself by becoming fully confident and enjoy your life without ever being shameful of your body... Keep on reading to find out how to develop self-love that can never be taken away.

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I wrote this article hoping to rewire your negative limiting beliefs about the body, and bring some positive perception shift to your mind so you can finally develop self-love and self-esteem which are necessary for having a quality life :)

What You'll Learn In This Article

  • Understanding your own uniqueness and beauty
  • How to overcome negative body images 
  • How to accept yourself and love your body
  • How to get in alignment with your nature being
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Learn How to Stop Being Addicted to Thoughts for Your Wellbeing

After my very first article which is about Mind Power, some of my readers came up to me asking what they can do to stop their obsessive thoughts for their well-being.

Well, I think I can help with this matter since I was also suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder myself 3 years ago, and I've managed to overcome it on my own without taking any medicine or therapy.

So today I want to share some tips on how to stop being addicted to thoughts from my own experience and knowledge about the mind.

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Hopefully, I can help you even a little bit :)

What You'll Learn In This Article

  • How we become addicted to thoughts & what's behind them
  • Understanding how obsessive thoughts affect you & your reality
  • How to identify your subconscious thought patterns
  • How to let go of your obsessive negative thinking patterns
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